Liralen's Adventure Through Life
June 2000
  3: Three Gallon Lasagna
  5: Recoveries
11: Visiting My Other Dog
15: Much Good News
18: Fathers' Day
20: Candles and Changes
21: Mood Swing and Minimalist Oatmeal Cookies
23: A Little Control
26: Of Fish and Rain
29: Visit, Appetites, and Love
30: Full Day

I start with a culinary adventure and some introspection.

A visit with Geoff, which was very real. With a wedding and much driving adventure in Pittsburgh.

I find out I'm not just burnt out from the last release cycle. I'm pregnant. Just before getting to try the clomid and the hormonal program, I find out that I'm actually and completely pregnant. Of course I find out on the morning of the day when I need to do a 32 mile ride to and from work.

I gradually get used to the idea, get a look at the fish and then get to deal with this newly changing, shifting, and gradually more and more uncomfortable and strange body. I sure do hope I get more used to this.

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