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June 19, 2002
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Wing Hut and Baby Innertubing

I had a really rough night, though Jet only woke up once. I had a rough time going back to sleep when I did have to get up to take care of him, as my brain was still occupied with John's troubles.

So I was a little bleary as we all went into work. I just kind of wandered through my meetings, and afterwards, everything looked like I could figure something out with a memo or proposal.

Woo. Now that I have a hammer, everything looks like a nail!! Funny that.

Lunch was a whim. I wanted to eat Wing Hut hot wings, and I wanted to see, for sure, where, exactly, the park existed. We should have ordered and called in the order before we got there. We had to wait fifteen minutes, but it was a nice enough day that Cary and I went out and sat on the brick stairs and talked while we waited for our food.

Cary's about to go off on a six week vacation, and he's pretty giddy with it. I'm glad. He really needs the break, and it'll be easier working with him afterwards. As it is, though, he's just happy that he can take such a long break and not get any backlash. It's such a nice thing. He and I talked about vacations, digital cameras, and the wonder of the Northwest coast. He's ending up around Portland for a big family reunion. John and I recommended visiting the huge sand dunes out there.

We all piled back into the cars with the molten orange sauce peeking from styrofoam containers and headed out to the park. It turns out that the park was a good five blocks away from Santiago's and I don't think we could have found our way there without John, the way we were going. So I'm glad that we did get there, finally, and everyone agreed that it was a much nicer eating area.

I had no afternoon meetings and after the full days, I mostly took the time to play with Jet, do a little more work, and then make tacos with Isabel and John for dinner. I got to make the shells while they made the meat and chopped up all the other things. Jet insisted on being in the sling for the operation, but I was working with two pans and I really wanted to be efficient and not have baby hands possibly getting burned. So John and Isabel took turns with a very unhappy Jet while I finished off all the tortillas. Then I held him while we ate, and he nibbled a few things off my plate before he was willing to go into his chair. Then he ate a bunch of taco meat.

After tacos and dinner we headed out to swim. Isabel and John took Jet to their end of the pool and I went and did my aerobics. In the midst of my class I heard Shelly, the instructor say, "Are they trying to strangle him or what?"

John was pulling the baby flotation device over Jet's head, when it's really made to be more narrow than Jet's shoulders so that it'll stay under his arms when the straps are over his shoulders. So I swam over and told them that it was easier to take it over his hips than his shoulders. John said, "Hey! That makes too much sense!" and then did it the right way after getting the tube filled up some more.

With the straps over his shoulders, and the tube under his arms, Jet was pretty much independent of everyone. He could get around on his own. Jet could twirl around and face any direction he wanted to see or hear. He could splash around. And he discovered that if he laid back, his toes would appear! He loved that. He laughed and laughed when he saw his own toes and when he could grab them. When he grabbed his toes, Jet looked like a little otter, lying on his back with something on his chest. That was really cute. I wish a camera would work in the pool to catch that pose, but he was just so happy at being able to bob around in the water on his own.

I finished the class hearing Jet's laughter with great frequency. That was very cool.

I also found that without Joan, I don't talk as much while I'm doing the workout, and I go much, much faster when I concentrate on what I'm doing. Funny that. I also feel better after I'm done. The old adage of "a body in motion remains in motion" seems to hold true here.

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