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June 18, 2002
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Day Two

Today's class was much like yesterday's, but more stuff and more details for the editing process. Yesterday was organization, just getting thing on paper, and when its done then going back and editing for content, style, and grammar/spelling. So today was all tricks for editing and for figuring out what's wrong in the first place. I needed a lot of that latter bit.

I think I now know why Kathy sometimes gets irritated about how I write. Not that I'll be much better, but I can now see why it might irritate her so much sometimes.

I stayed at work for lunch, though I did go an hit the McDonalds for a Big Mac. Just a Big Mac. I didn't need fries and drinks at work were subsidized, so I got a nice Arizona iced tea and ate my first Big Mac for several years and sipped my tea. It was really good. I had forgotten how familiar the taste and texture of Big Mac is. I also decided to eat my lunch in the classroom because I had no desire to start in on all the email I knew was piling up. I knew I wouldn't be able to get through it in a single hour, so I didn't even try. By deciding that, I got a chance to talk extensively with Kathleen, the instructor of the class.

She was a great conversationalist, asking a lot of cool questions that made it easy for me to talk about stuff, and made it easy for me to ask her some relevant questions and learn stuff about her. Like the fact that she was born and raised in Montana and while she now worked in San Jose, she didn't really like it as much, perhaps because of her childhood. It was fun to listen to her tales of San Jose and the buildings and people there, and how much she loved our campus here. "You know exactly where you're at here, each area is easily recognizable."

That was fun.

But class went until 5. We had a lot to cover, I guess. I did get my puppet today, as I had nine candies lined up. I hadn't known that they were cumulative across the days, so when Kathleen saw how many candies I had, she gave me a puppet. I like the little creature.

When Jet saw the finger puppet, at first he was a little afraid of it and backed off. Then he pounced on it and bit it on the eye. *giggles*

Jet had done wonderfully all day. He hadn't missed me at all, and without the interruption at lunch, he'd just had a wonderful day. It also turned out that, yesterday, the minute I'd stepped out the door, Jet had stopped crying. He had known that, at that point, it just wasn't going to do any good any more, and he stopped. I think Jet's learned that whomever he's with is good enough. And that there are points beyond which he simply cannot have me, and he seems to be content with that when he knows.

I was glad, however, to know that he hadn't cried that hard for that long after I did manage to leave.

When I got home, John had gotten the whole chicken onto the rotisserie and it was nearly done. Yay! I just carved it up, and we had good dinner with mashed potatoes, nuked veggies and salad. Yum. We watched more soccer and I got to talk about my class with John, and I got to talk about some of the good things about it. I have some plans for tomorrow. That should be good.

Later on, in bed, John talked about some of the things that were really frustrating him about work. It was good for him to talk through it all, but we ended up talking past midnight. And I ended up angry and depressed about what he was seeing in the company and what wasn't changing. That made it hard to go to sleep. *sigh* and it's not like I really need to lose more sleep.

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