Liralen's Adventure Through Life
June 2002
  1: Crystal's Graduation Party
  2: Church and Arrival
  3: Tummy Raspberries and A Good Day
  4: Untangling Policy, A Walk, and Picking Eating
  5: Clones, Custard, Tacos, and Swimming
  6: Souper! Salad!
  7: China Gourmet
  8: Super Busy Day
  9: Fire, Smoke and An Insulated Floor
10: Heroic Jet
11: Distant Fires
12: Change Is
14: Cold Stone Ice Cream at The Flatiron Mall
15: Eldorado Canyon
16: A Quiet Father's Day
17: My First Day of the Technical Writing Class
18: Day Two
19: Wing Hut and Baby Innertubing
20: Dinner at Sakura's
21: Windtalkers
22: Please, Corn Dog, and Errands
23: Church, Cost Plus, and Wild Jet
24: Back to the Old Schedule
26: Walking and Swimming
27: Short Flight and a Brush With a Cactus
28: Old Town
29: Pueblo Dance, Swimming, and Good-byes
30: Getting Home

The summer fire season has affected us only in the mildest of ways, given the totality of destruction that has run rampant in the state. We have smoky days, sneezy nights, and run the air filter a lot. The yard is dying from lack of water, but we'll do okay.

Most of the beginning of this month was just dealing with the everyday things of working, living here, and getting ready for Joan's three week vacation. Then my Mom and Dad came for a week and had a blast taking care of Jet. I'm very thankful for their being here, for their care of Jet, and for their good humor. I thiwe all had a pretty good time, and it was probably the most relaxed visit I've ever had with them. It was good.

John's Mom came for the next two weeks and did a hero's job taking care of Jet, doing our laundry, and not getting too tired. I got a ton of work done, and even got to take a couple of all-day technical writing classes and found that Jet was better off with me completely out of the house all day, rather than trying to get home for lunch. It's a good thing to know for later.

We ended the month with a quick trip to Albuquerque for a rehersal of the big shingding in July. Jet did well on the flights, in the strange house, and with getting warmed up to all these strange people. *grin* It was fun, but I was glad to be home even after the weekend.

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