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June 27, 1999
a year ago

Flying, Ginger Beer and Soccer

Today started with flying. Paul took us up, one at a time, to fly around the neighborhood. His plane isn't all that big, and the engine isn't really powerful enough for more than two people at a time. There was pretty low cloud cover, too, so we weren't going too high, and we couldn't go too low or else we'd bother people; but the view was really keen. The ability to see all the fields, the various features that were all around us were really easy to spot from not-all-that-far-up, and it was just really fun to see things from that perspective.

I didn't want a long flight, the smallness of the plane and the noise and the vibrations aren't happy-making for me; but it was really, really neat to see what I could. When John went up, I raced back to the house, got Fezzik and came back out again with him. He and I wandered about the side of the runway while we waited for them to come back. Fezzik was cool and just meandered about with me, mildly exploring all the scents while we just puttered about. When they did come down, Paul had to re-fill the plane, set all the tie-downs and do minor maintenance, and Fezzik and I got to wander some more and, together, we found an irrigation ditch that Fezzik promptly walked onto a culvert for and then jumped into the water.

The one way out was blocked by tumbleweeds and he waited patiently in the water for me to clear them all out before trying to get out of the water. Once out he shook off, spraying me thoroughly.

After we got back Paul took off to meet friends. John, Fezzik and I settled down to watch the women's World Cup and John and Fezzik promptly fell asleep. I think it was more a testament of the heat than the excitement of the games. I really enjoyed the first game, but when they both started snoring, I first brewed another gallon of ginger beer and then went upstairs and read two Connie Willis books, Uncharted Territory and Remake; both of which were pretty enjoyable. I also wrote up most of the rest of DAC and the end of the week and posted them from home, as I finally figured out how to telnet from there.

At 5, John woke up hungry and wanting to watch the U.S. versus North Korea game, and so I cut some aged sharp cheddar and got out the Ritz crackers and we ate those while watching Korea just beat up on the U.S. women's team, physically, but ending with the tie at the half. Then the U.S. National team just bloomed for the second half. Wow. That was a game. Really hard fought, and a good solid win by the U.S. Women that was very, very enjoyable.

It was so hot by then that my hands were swelling from the typing I had done earlier. So I raided the outside freezer box and pulled out one of the ice packs I used to use when my hands were really bad. I then alternately applied the ice to my hands and my feet, which were still swollen and even worse in the heat. The cold really helped both hands and feet. I really didn't feel like cooking, so John was really wonderful and went out and bought hot dogs and groceries that were cool enough to eat. He made the hot dogs while I wrote some more, and when dinner was done around 9 p.m. it was cool enough to eat. Paul arrived back home about then, and commented on the fact that we were having a late dinner. Not that bad an idea in the heat.

All three of us were getting up early in the morning. Paul needed to an order to find calm air and cool air. It turns out that hot air has less density than cold air, one of the reasons why hot air balloons rise; so it was harder to get the plane to fly in the heat then in the cool of morning. He was, therefore, going to get up very early in the morning and fly down to Albuquerque to meet with brother Walt. Albuquerque's temperatures were supposed to be above 100, which is why he had to get up really early in the morning to insure flying conditions once he got down to New Mexico. John I had to get early in order to miss the worst of rush-hour traffic because we were going to ride into work on our bikes.

I seem to be worried about everything.

I think that some of it is a low level anxiety, perhaps a leftover from all the chaos of moving as well as all the unknowns that still surround me. Completely changing everything in the environment has a disoriented effect, which is no surprise but sometimes I get very tired of being afraid.

So I did what I could to relieve that by packing everything I could think of before going to sleep. Sleep still wasn't easy, in part because Fezzik was restless, maybe because he slept so much during the day.

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