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June 28, 1999
a year ago

Riding to Work

I really need to ride to work more often.

John was very thoughtful today. It all started with an action that showed that he had been listening to me all along. About a week ago, before I went to DAC, I had talked with him about a plan to drive half the way to work, park in one of the public parking spots at one of the Open Spaces, and then ride the rest of the way. I will admit that the 17 miles between home and work were somewhat intimidating, especially after feeling so out of shape after not making the ridge climb. The eight miles that we did have to ride from the Open Space were somewhat less intimidating after all of the stationary bike work that I had done before. It was, however, in traffic on regular roads with cars and in the sunshine.

The sunshine didn't bother me nearly as much as I thought it would, because I had had such in large dose of it on Saturday that my skin had tanned significantly. The ride itself was also surprisingly easy. After all the hills in Redmond, the near absolute flat here in Colorado was surprisingly easy on the road bike. John also pumped my tires up the remaining 20 pounds of pressure and that made all the difference in how much control I had over the bike as I was riding. There was no alarming wobble and my steering actually worked. That was very good and very reassuring.

What surprised me the most, however, was just how good the ride made me feel. When I got to work I was full of energy, alert, and ready to just plow into anything.

There was a whole lot to do, too, after DAC all last week and the very short day on Friday, the main problem was having half a dozen possible things that I really should be working on. What was even more unusual was not having any meetings all day. I could pretty much work on anything I pleased, and not be interrupted. That was more unusual than anything else, and something that hasn't happened for a few months, or so it felt.

The very first things I did was wade through all of my email, sort through everything, and clean out everything I didn't need. Then I started on the various tasks. It was very nice to work uninterrupted. Both John I had enough to do that when lunchtime rolled around with both decided that we would buy something from one of the vendors that came to the building itself. The QuickFix espresso and bagel sandwich cart didn't stay around long enough for us to buy something from him, so we defaulted to the Burrito Guy. I got one of the spicy potato and beef burritos, and John got two burritos for his lunch. So the Burrito Guy came to our rescue once more.

The afternoon was filled with looking at various details for possible implementations of the requirements that were being asked of us. I really enjoy looking at all the possibilities. I also got to talk to some of my on-line friends, and had a very good talk with Cera over some of the Connie Willis books and how we each felt about the ones we had read. The Fiat folks were also talking through some poetry structures and enjoyments.

It wasn't until after 6 p.m. that John and I decided to leave. Neither of us really wanted to run into much more traffic than we had this morning, so we decided to leave later. For some reason the ride back to the car seemed even faster than the ride to work. John says that there is a mild slope downwards from work towards home, and I think I believe him because we coasted quite a lot more. The think part of it was also that I knew which way we were going, and having been over the road before I knew what to expect. There was a section where the winds picked up, and I was blown sideways a good 9 to 12 inches in either direction by the wind. John wasn't offset by that, and I think I envied him his additional inertia.

We got to the car no problem, and loaded the bikes into the back of Borax. My legs were a little sore, but not bad, and I piled in with all the bikes. John could read my mind, and took me to the pizza place in Erie and we ordered a pizza to go. We then walked over to the bank to get the cash to pay for the pizza, and then hopped over to the liquor store where I found several small flasks of bourbon from various distillers. I picked one at random, and bought it in order to make mint julips. When we got back to the pizza parlor, we watched them make our pizza, and since they were running out of various ingredients they asked us what substitutions they could make up for us. We ended up with the pizza with a lot of things on it, which was really yummy.

When we got home we ate pizza, watched TV, drank a lot of water, fed Fezzik, and gradually cooled down. The pizza was rich with meat, vegetables, and plenty of cheese, and felt really good to eat after all the exercise. The shower felt even better on tired muscles, after the hot day. It made for a very pleasant evening, and I never really felt like having any alcohol, so I just skipped on the mint julips. Sleep was very easy.

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