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June 29, 1999
a year ago


It was kinda a confusing day at work. Just too much to do and not really knowing which way to go to do it and knowing that I'm robbing Peter to pay Paul and I'm already caught. It's just really odd having demands from completely different parts of the company that conflict.

It was odd in a lot of ways.

In part if was 'cause I knew that I wasn't really scheduled to do a lot of this, and the rest of it was that it felt really good to fix the problems anyway. That there were things that had to be done in the long-run and that I could fit them in, make them work, and get them to behave correctly was very nice. I got a lot of fixes finished, which was gratifying, but it was also fretful having conflicting requirements on me.

Took a break from it all for lunch. I'd brought jambalaya for lunch, but Cary, Freddy Engineer, and Jenny were all going out to Juan's and it sounded like a lot of fun and I needed a break away from work anyway, so I took the opportunity and went with them. It was a very good idea. I had a lovely, spicy potato and beef burrito smothered in green chiles and topped with all kinds of vegetable matter. Alongside that I discovered that Snapple had a drink that they called 'Rain', so I had to get it. It had agave cactus juice in it along with the usual juices like white grape and apple and sweet, but the taste was clear and clean and very nice. I enjoyed the break and getting to talk with them for a while.

Jenny, afterwards, came to my cubicle and asked me if I'd been interested in a ladies' triathlon. All I could do after she asked was laugh. "Is that a, 'No'?" she asked me.

I shook my head. I had no real idea, but it seemed mildly absurd to me after this last year of trying to put myself back together. But on really thinking it over, some part of me was going, "Why not?" I'm going to have to think about that.

A final fix had to be a hack as I only had hours, not days to do the real fix, so I commented it with BUG, so that I could find it in the future when the situation might be different than for just this one release. That actually felt pretty good, all in all, acknowledging what was real and what I'd have to do in the long run. It also felt good to be done with the list by 7 p.m. when the due date is actually Friday. Good to be finished with it.

We went to Costco after work and bought Stuff. It was still remarkably empty, no frantic people rushing here and there knowing exactly what they wanted and exactly where to find it. Most of the folks were looking at everything that was available and just meandering about looking. Quite a change from what we remembered of the Issaquah and Redmond Costco's. We stocked up on a lot of things, including about 25 lbs. of bird seed as the birds kept going through it a pound in a few days. Also got a five pound bag of meatballs in anticipation of being able to eat meatballs and spaghetti.

It's kinda funny how, really, it's easy to please me with simple food, even cheap food if it's done right and Costco usually buys stuff of sufficient quality that I enjoy it even when it's cheap and bulk.

We had spaghetti and meatballs for dinner with canned tomatoes and many herbs from my little herb box. It was very yummy with parmesian cheese.

Afterwards John got involved in Spyro so I went upstairs and dictated a lot more entries. I tried typing some things, but my hands just got tired and swollen a little so I stopped doing that.

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