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March 3, 2000
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Meetings and Sunny Lunch

It was a strange Friday. I was fairly tired from the week, and really ready for the weekend; however, I also knew that John was leaving tomorrow, and wasn't particularly ready for him to leave. Also, my entire morning was eaten with meetings, and last night when I told Geoff that I would be gone for the morning he asked if it would be okay for him to take the entire day off. He had things he wanted to do, and I had no objections. It was actually fairly nice to have the day off, completely, from being online.

The morning's worth of meetings turned out to be very useful. Some of it was very tactical, specific details of what we needed to do today, tomorrow, and for the next week. A great deal of it involved the future, at a strategic level, it involved planning for the next generations of products. Not just one. I really enjoyed the fact that we were planning years in advance with plenty of room for innovation and change. The simple fact that we were looking that far was very encouraging for me.

The only problem with having an entire morning of meetings was that by the time I got out of them there was still everything waiting at my machine. So it wasn't until 1 p.m. that I realized I hadn't eaten lunch, and that I had forgotten my lunch at home after packing it. I really hate when I do that. Anyway, I wandered around the group, asking everyone if they had already eaten, and Cary and Lynn hadn't and willing to go to KTs barbecue with me.

The day itself was just gorgeous. The sun was shining, birds were singing, and the air was warm with spring. We bought our sandwiches in the dark cave of the smoke room, and brought them out into the sunshine. It was pure luxury to sit in the warm light, talk, and eat some of the best slow smoked barbecue in the area. For five dollars I could get a sandwich, a side order, and a drink, and then sit out here and enjoy the sunshine. None of us really wanted to go back, but we did.

John got out of class early, so we got home at a reasonable hour. I used some of the leftover beef stew to make shepherds pie, using the instant mashed potatoes for the crust. While the pies cooked, I realized that Iron Chef was about to be on, so I flipped on the TV, turned on the VCR, and started recording right at the moment the program started. I'm filling an entire tape with episodes to send to the Horde, as Cera and Marith don't have the Food Network.

John and I had fun talking, and eventually went to bed. I had a hard time sleeping, knowing that he was leaving tomorrow. Both of us tossed and turned through most of the night, and neither of us slept particularly well.

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