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March 2, 2000
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Cat's Eyes

Another slow day, so I actually did some journal work and got through bugs and started working on feature specs for a few things and built a private sandbox to play in. Not specifically much to do as the release build gradually winds to its slowed down endings. Lots of time, lots of things still being tested, if a fire storm hits, this peace will be over, but in the meantime it's nice to finally relax a bit.

Stock is doing insanely. Xilinx stock, in particular, through the month of February has nearly doubled in just the month. Our portfolio is beating the S&P by nearly 50%. That's crazy. With options, people are starting to make jokes. There was one day when the stock opened up four points and my boss mock-grumbled, "It should be up ten, what's this measely four point jump doing?" and when by the end of the day, it was actually up nearly ten points he was as astonished as everyone else. Or the day when someone heard that it was up another four or five and they laughed and said, "Bye, losers." as a joke.

It's nuts. Today almost feels like a relief after the frantic activity of the last month. A small drop. It's not that I don't believe that the stock should be doing well, it's just that when it's doing this well, I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. It really feels like some momentum buyers finally found Xilinx and are pushing it up quick. Grumble. Hard when I've been believing in this company, long-term, and knowing that it will do really well and then have some quick in and out investors wanting to do a quick deal rather than really knowing what we're about by looking at all the public information

Anyway. It's cool. It's scary. It's some really mind-numbing numbers, too.

After lunch I went off to Boulder and enVision to get the Wild Eyes cat's eyes contacts that I'd ordered when I picked up my last set of contacts. They wanted me to try them on in the office to make absolutely sure that they fit. I startled everyone that saw me when I had them in. Unfortunately, the cats eyes aren't toroid, i.e. they spin. So the slit pupils *don't* always line up right and then they look really funny. Bah.

But it was very, very cool to look at someone and just watch them blink or recoil at the complete strangeness of the lenses. The other bad thing is that my right eye is so severely near sighted that the lenses didn't go that high. So I have not only partially occluded vision (because of the mesh of color that makes the cat's eyes the color they are), but also blurry vision. Yuck.

John stayed late, again, and we went off to the China Gourmet after he was done, they were completely packed. So we got our food to go and then dropped by the grocery store to just spend some time there. We looked over everything and they actually have a pretty nice selection there, and I bought really gingery ginger beer, some chocolate, and a few small things. I'm gradually accumilating things for the time when John's away.

We got home, we ate ferociously. Fezzik got his food... and then I went back into the bathroom to change my eyes. I put in the cats eyes, came out and John started laughing *so* hard he couldn't breath. He thought they were *great*, but when I'm laughing he can't see them. So I had to force my eyes open for him to see and then he'd laugh so hard I had to laugh and he couldn't see 'em anymore.

That was *really* funny.

So they're good. He tried taking pictures, but they're all blurry, which might be how they should be. I'll try and get a small picture here in a bit...

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