Liralen's Adventure Through Life
March 2000
  1: Quiet Day
  2: Cat's Eyes
  3: Meetings and Sunny Lunch
  4: John Leaves for France
  5: Coping
  6: Good and Not Too Busy
  7: Listless
  8: Good Progress
  9: Tiger Stripes
10: John's Home!
11: Errands and Movie
12: Catching Up
17: A Week in Motion
18: Having People Over
19: Real Work
20: Tying and Untying
21: Recovery
22: Getting Better
23: Seeing Singer
24: Not The Best Buy
25: Company Over
26: Windy Walk
27: Homework
28: Romeo Must Die
29: Preparation
30: Getting There
31: Exploring

A very busy month that saw John in France for a week, lots of work happening, and a beginning of a better understanding as to what will make life better here. We're finishing off our first year here in Colorado and finally starting to feel settled in enough to actually feel partially at home. Also, by being so completely alone while John was gone I realized that part of what we're missing is the steady support and network of people we used to have in the North West.

I am used to being alone. I am not so used to being lonely.

The good thing is that we figure a lot of this out and start to take the steps to make things better. I figure that our summer months will be more socially active than our winter ones were, and since we were pretty active even just last year, when we first moved in, I don't have any doubt that we'll figure this out.

The last several months of talking with Geoff finally cumilate in a visit I take to Pittsburgh that turns out to be better than anything I might have imagined or thought to wish for.

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