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March 28, 2000
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Romeo Must Die

John didn't have a lunch meeting today, so we went to Wok and Roll and had good teriyaki and much talking. He asked me how it was running meeting and I said that it was exhausting. It is hard, because I don't really know the value of what it is that I bring to such a thing and how to keep it going and doing what it's supposed to do and how to be sure of my success along the lines of what is supposed to happen.

The afternoon was peaceful and somewhat mildly useful.

John had the coolest plan for the evening, too! We were going to go to the McDonald's across from the Eagle that was near this theater that was showing Romeo Must Die and then go to the movie. We hadn't been to a MickieD's for years and years and I thought I'd try it again and then regret it again and then not try it again for a few more years, but during the meal it would have been glorious. Then we were going to go see the movie at Just The Right time.

Of course, when we actually did drive there, we found out that the entire area had no power. At all. Both the theater and the McDonald's were completely dark, and folks were flocking out of the places in droves. Turns out the power had just been knocked out and they were all just leaving and there wasn't any hope of it coming back in time for our delicious little plan.

So we went down to the fancy, shmancy AMC theater in Westminster with the stadium seats, the too-small parking lots and snack bars down every corridor. 24 theaters all stuffed into one building. We turned into the parking lot, then took a turn into what we thought was an area we hadn't parked in before and wa lah... we were out on the street again with a sign firmly telling us we couldn't go in any useful direction to get back to the theater. Idiot parking lot!! Idiot design.

So we drove the block or two that we had to before turning around and we saw a Quizno's, which is a chain I've only seen here of places that do baked subs. We'd never had this particular type of fast food, so we thought we'd try it and I was very, very pleasantly surprised. I had a honey club, which turned out, very surprisingly to be basically a turkey club (i.e. turkey and ham and sandwich goodies) with a lot of honey mustard dressing slathered on, which is why it was called a 'honey' club. The balance of all the tastes was actually really good. The guy making it didn't smother it in the dressing and the savory, sweet, and various textures of meat and very fresh vegetables on the gently crisped crusty bread was very good. I was very pleased. We'll have to go there again.

We then made our way back to the theater, parked in the lot we'd parked in the other time we'd been there and went in. Actually, on a Tuesday night, it wasn't bad at all. Not nearly as crowded, the parking wasn't nearly as bad, and we didn't have to wait nearly as long for a ticket. And when we did get in I was glad of the stadium seating. Nice seats to see the show everywhere. I enjoyed that and settled in.

I love Jet Li. We'd just seen Fists of Legend a little while ago and was in utter awe of his martial arts. I thought it would be interesting to see how he translated to the American screen. He's still so *little* compared to the American actors, but still so gorgeously active and graceful and capable and utterly cute. I loved the movie and loved that the girl took care of her own 'business' in Hong Kong style, and there were many sequences that had me really laughing pretty hard. If you take it as if it were a Hong Kong movie shot in the U.S. with American actors, it's really, really good, some rather pretencious folks were reviewing it as if it were attempting to be some high drama rather than a good, solid martial arts action flick. I loved it. Loved the ending fight. It was really keen and sad and fun to watch.


Both John and I were very very pleased when we walked out. Yum. Hong Kong movies on the U.S. screen.

So. Tomorrow I get to go crazy with packing, it was really nice to spend the special time with John before leaving. One of the things that John noted was that, this time around, with Geoff, I'm also doing special things for John and it obviously isn't 'as a favor' or 'as a gift' cause I'm going to do this other thing, but 'cause I obviously am enjoying the time and effort on John. And I'm not just neglecting John as I did when I was involved with Mark. So it's good all around, and Geoff is even good about reminding me to do cool things with John that only helps all the more.

Of course I dreamed of martial arts action all night long

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