March 5, 1998

A Little Slack

Had fun last night making dinner, using old flank steak from the freezer, various vegetables that we've accumulated in the last week or so, a packet of Yaki-soba noodles with seasonings. The good thing was using all the vegetables that were already cut up, or at least a bunch of them, and just cleaning out those elements in the fridge.

Fried things up hot and quick and the pan that Mom and Dad gave me was most excellent at getting that done. Red bell peppers, mushroom slices, green onion julienne, and the thinly sliced, marinated beef. All flash fried and then set aside while the noodles softened in some boiling water and a bit of oil, then all tossed in at once for a colorful clash of tastes and flavors, scents and textures. Yum....

It was most wonderous. The problem with the password was bugging me badly, though, and John called eskimo, left a message, and asked 'em to call me to tell me if they were working on it, even if it was going to take a while. I sat around occasionally just yelling in grumpiness about the fact that they hadn't called back. Enough so that John called again later, and found out that the support person that had the night shift didn't have the ability to reset the password, but that if I just called in the morning, that someone would be here that could and they'd just do it right then. Okay. That settled me a little, but I was still grumbling about how stupid I was, until John said that I really should just cut myself some slack, which got me to laugh a lot as I remembered the horoscope.

Hot tubbing helped, a lot. The night was cold and clear and utterly frigid to bare skin, and the hot tub was so hot it made me yell as I sunk into it and it was so hot my body was flinching from it even as it also flinched from the coldness of the air, and so I just drove it into the hot, hot water and just shook for a moment as the conflict of sensations tried to resolve themselves in my flesh. Then I thanked John, profusely, for putting in the hot tub. He thanked me, in return, for thinking about having one.

The night was clear, so the moon was silver bright and the stars sprinkled the sky and I just lay back, head on the edge of the tub and watched the steady scudding of clouds across the sky. Pretty.

Sleep came soon after the hot tubbing. Dreams of setting up new machines with MS Wizards hundreds of questions long. They worked, though, so that was something, I guess.

Busy day, and the password thing got fixed nearly first thing, which was good on me. The floppy drive in my machine wasn't doing real well, so I opened it up to check the connections, and there were no problems there. So the computer guy came to fix various problems, including just swapping out my floppy drive for one that worked. That was good. Talked over some class construction details with John and went at it.

Wade, wade, wade. Went out to get lunch from Tombo's, ate and read stuff on graphic design tools, and went back at it. Lovely, sunny, warm day, and I'm having fun with a mid-thigh length burgundy sweater with burgundy tights. Walking was actually fun, and I could even go down the stairs easily. That was very, very keen.

So spent most of the afternoon nibbling Cheez-It's, almond biscotti, sipping cherry blossom tea and putting shells on classes. Fun...

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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