March 12, 1998

Structures and Tragedy

I got a very, very good look at the MRI films last night. They are... gorgeous. *laughter* Odd to say that about biologically correct representations of a knee in slices, but it's true. They're gorgeous, utterly clear, and cut along the lines that are easy to comprehend. It amazes me that they are pictures of my knee and that they are the way that they are. It was nearly painful to see just how badly my bones lined up at the time of the MRI and knowing the bruising that I had then, it all shows up pretty clearly.

I get to keep them until Monday. John bought a scanner. You may get to see knee innards sometime before the end of the weekend. Heh.

Also last night, played in Keely's IN/FOS game with Trip! It was hilarious, fun, and fast-paced. Sadly, I had to go home when John had to go home to get to soccer and Zonker showed up at the house nearly immediately after a short followup session.

Seeing Zonker was wonderful, though, too. She brought over the last two X Files episodes and a tape filled with Buffy episodes as well. So we got to see all that curled up together on the couch and giggling a lot. It's really, really good to be able to just be with Zonker for a while and do the girl comment thing. *grin* I do love her and her sense of humor and it was good to be able to rub out certain bits of tension from her. It was also very useful having her full knowledge of exactly what's going on in Buffy to provide commentary.

The two-parter was pretty gut-wrenching. Good, old tragedy on the supernatural scale. I really enjoyed it.

The two part X Files brought the series back into it's interesting conflicts again. I had to agree with Carl that the sections where everything was just a government coverup got kinda dry and predictable. It seemed too easy a blame thing rather than a discovery of what else might be possible. I'm glad to see the swing back, though I'll admit that there were a lot of points in both episodes where I wanted to grab Mulder by the lapels and go, "GET A CLUE!!!"

The parallelism was beautiful between Mulder and Scully, and one could easily see a big-time "Get Ready For the Movie" push behind everything. Ah well.

I also took the time and care to prepare the Republic Chai by boiling it in water and milk and honey and found it spicy enough to warm my entire mouth. That was very intense, even with the milk mixed in. I put enough honey to balance it for my mouth and that helped some, but it was spicy-hot not just thermal hot. I think, perhaps, that I put a bit too much into the pot, but then again, John loved it just as it was. So I might just keep brewing that for the entirely different taste.

Sleep was very good last night. Fezzik was safe and home, John was safe and home and everything was pretty keen compared to the worlds that I'd just visited.

Pretty neat to know what to value.

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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