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March 10, 1999
a year ago

What to eat?

John woke up at 5 a.m.. Ouch. He was, however, merciful and kind and was quiet as he got ready to go and set the alarm for me for 7 a.m. and so it was. I got up earlyish but not gawdawful early and he disappeared in the Rangy to the airport to go to San Jose for Xilinx. I got up, cleaned up everything, straightened everything, and then went downstairs and fed Fezzik. Then gave him his asprin, put him outside and then vacuumed everything and straightened everything and left on the right lights in the house. The realtor wants a certain light setup in the house to show it off to its best advantage.

A friend from San Jose said that her house sold in a week. This is not the San Jose market, but...

Anyway. I made my sleepy way to work and did work all day, chasing bugs and thoughts and design dimensions. Wrote some, read some, chased some links. Sadly, got some evidence as to Xilinx's corporate mentality, but some good stuff, too. Got ready for tomorrow and the girding of the loins for what can or can't be done according to marketing's wishes.

Thought a lot about what I should eat.

At lunch time I went to Zuka Juice and got myself a bluesberry drink with yogurt and oat bran. A very light lunch, which might have been a mistake as I ate a whole lot of Hershey's almond chocolate kisses in the afternoon. I think that if I'd eaten something more substantial, it wouldn't have bothered me nearly as much. Though it was really yummy.

So I'm probably doing something tonight. I was thinking just ramen, but I'm also enamoured with the idea of ordering take-out from Tony Roma's and just eating a lot to make up for the lunch. That would be cool. I also bought myself a packet of eight good sized feathers for about a buck, so I should have some fun with them and trying to cut them into usable quill pens. That should be fun.

Get my brain off work for a bit, I guess. I also have the palette knife that I've been wanting to use to try and make proper texture on watercolored rocks. All kinds of things to explore.

Okay... I really do think I've broken through to a point where I can think of things other than how scared I am of moving and that these things are fun. So that's good.

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