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March 22, 1999
a year ago

Hump Day

For me, this was, by far the hardest day of the whole deal, so far. The biggest was just how much had to be done before the movers came. My feeling was that I had to pack everything in my office in order to take it all home for the movers to take and put into the van.

On top of that we had to pile together everything that had to be piled and accounted for so that the movers wouldn't take what we didn't want them to take.

Thirdly, there were weird things happening with the offers, and last but certainly not least, my cold had hunted me down and was slowly driving me insane.

    The List
  • pack office (all eight boxes)
  • put aside Day 1 things for work in another box
  • pile packed boxes by plants
  • toss bathroom liquids to toss
  • toss kitchen liquids to toss
  • pack boxes of things the Movers don't touch
  • pack a pile of Fezzik's stuff for trip
  • bring newspaper to work for packing
  • zip up sources
  • test build of sources from source control
  • unpack all tea pots (so the movers can pack 'em properly)
  • download last week's journal entries
  • go to Victor's
  • hug Fezzik
  • pull out trip clothes
  • pack clothes
  • inform medical and dental insurance of address change
  • pull out contact lense solution (which I'd packed by accident)
  • go through address book update to computer addresses
  • clean the Cross pen and put in Namiki box
  • pack trip kitchen stuff (pot, pan, knives, coffee)
  • order pizza for dinner
  • drink banana, last of the frozen strawberries, yogurt
  • talk with Ross about offers
  • NT drivers for Toshiba Flash Pack
  • test laptop
  • walk Fezzik
  • hug John
  • oh, yeah, that sleep thing
  • get up tomorrow at 5:30 a.m. to send Rostyki to airport


I'm not sure I needed to see that all in one place. There are things humans aren't supposed to be able to do with a cold, feeling like runny shit and so tired that the Next Thing just feels like an insane task.

John managed to chase down a bug in the midst of all that, too. He killed it dead. I have no idea how he could have the brain. But he says that it really isn't coping, he just ignores the weight of it all and just takes the next step. Which, I guess is the real trick.

Uhm. I guess the list is the day. I was just exhausted by the end of it and then Ross called to say that things were Up with the offers, that the one lady had decided that she might not really want to buy the house and was using the inspection as grounds for getting out of the deal. The other was that we had a second offer from the folks that were here over the weekend, but the price was significantly below the other offer. Uhm. Hm. No, I have the order wrong. Ross came to work during the day to give us the second offer, we counter offered during the day, and then that evening, he came with their counter offer, which was still lower than our counter. Playing the game, as someone called it.

We sat for a good hour, discussing possibilities, ramifications, and formulating a counter offer again in the evening. Also I was pretty depressed, in part because of the expectations that had been set by the initial offer, and that they weren't all going to be fulfilled. Which was kinda silly, in one way, all right in another. I mean... it was okay to be disappointed. The real problem was arguing that it was right and that we were, somehow, being cheated or something.

John and I took a while, while walking Fezzik, to talk it all over, and we both realized that it was likely going to end up, still, better than either of us could have expected when we first thought about putting our house on the market and got all the appraisals. So I felt somewhat better from that. Then I sat down and wrote through logical supports against all my weird fears and that felt even better.

By the end of everything, I was so burnt out that I was numb. Sleep was darned easy.

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