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March 23, 1999
a year ago

Sick and Tired, but Feeling Better

So, yeah, we got up at 5:30 a.m. and, yeah, it hurt. But I did get to see John's parents and say g'bye to them as they went to Italy, we're likely going to live in their house a bit before we go off on our adventures if the movers are really, truly thorough. Fezzik can stay in the pen, worst case, for a bit.

We then stopped by Leonard's on the way back. Leonard's is this little dive of a restaurant with a bar that's always got *someone* in it, but most of it is restaurant, good, old greasy-spoon type grub and plenty of it and tasty as well. We have gone to it through the years simply for the atmosphere and the good food, and the quick service. Usually, though, on weekends. Things were just a bit slower on the weekday, and it was smokier but the service was much faster.

I had absolutely perfect corned beef hash, meaty, crisp around the edges, and very savory. It went beautifully with the crisp has browns and the over medium eggs and white toast cut just a bit of the richness. The coffee was so strong and black and hot it ate a hole through to my brain that allowed it to finally look through the haze of sleepiness and cold muzziness.

The cold really got a hold on me, again. The nose was just leaking everywhere, and I had a box of Kleenex wherever I went. After breakfast, I dropped John off at home, then went to work and to an early meeting with Bob and the other GUI guys in the company. One girl in Ireland, and the bunch of us sat around talking. That was good. Lots of MFC things to talk though and GUI design stuff and various things that worked out pretty well.

I brought the last of the cake from Sunday to work, too, a nice butter cream thing with chocolate centers and a car on top. There wasn't that much left, but folks ate some of it.

The rest of the day was mostly getting the very last things into the boxes, getting some code stabalized, and then talking with folks on-line and getting myself psyched up to all this. I really have to write lirakin to tell them about the whole move thing, and where we're going and all that. The address change is really going to be a dinger. I haven't really written to that group for quite some time, mostly because I'm putting everything here, so I haven't really had the need to. It's all going here. Well, almost all, a lot of it's going into my own journals as well.

John was home all day supervising the packing of the house, there were a lot of things that he wanted in certain places, and the garage was complete chaos. Pieces of stuff everywhere, and he really wanted to know what was packed with what, so he started to pack lots of little boxes of things so that he'd be able to have *some* juxtaposition of Stuff when he unpacked everything at the other end.

I just stayed at work, out of the way, and got coding done. Bits and pieces here, and the stuff really does work. I really also have to get working sets of everything onto a disk so that I can just use them when I get to Boulder.

I'm half tempted to just take my whole working directory, dirty files and all. Then build a clean copy for source control and not worry about it. Then again, I *will* have Friday morning to do that, and don't really have to do it until then. Get what I can get done now, and then worry about that later.

It was completely exhausted by the time I got home. Turns out that two couples saw the house today. One during the day, the other in the evening. Crazy. Also it turned out that the pilot had changed one thing on the contract before turning it over to Ross, so we had to initial all that before he could send it back, get it accepted and then hand it over to the folks that had the contingent offer. The contingent offer then had stuff we have to do by tomorrow night.

Ross was bemused by the state of the house as ne nearly never sees the house like that. He usually only sees it before it's sold and after it's closed, nearly never while the people are moving out. That was fun.

We took Fezzik for his walk, and he was good. I think that the house being so overturned really bugged him some, as his hot spot started getting worse again, and he's itching and starting to smell bad again. He may well be upset by all the things happening, but I'm kinda hoping that it's just temporary. I had to take his collar off last night, when he kept waking me up by scratching, but after that he slept better.

One thing that both John and I realized on the walk was that we both felt better today than we did yesterday. That the shock of what had to be fixed in the house before someone would buy it wasn't so bad. that tehre were gains to be made and that things were still possible. If we bumped the first buyer and they showed the incentive to come back with a non-contingent offer, then we'd know that they relaly wanted the house and wouldn't balk at, perhaps, a few things on the list not being fulfilled. That there wasn't any reason we couldn't go to someone else and have them come back with an offer that didn't make more sense.

The house's carpets are all completely covered with old packing boxes, they taped 'em all together and covered all the main walkway areas to protect them. Fezzik wandered through them, and I could hear him every time he moved, which was pretty odd for me. And I kept expecting him to get into some of the boxes that were available to his nose. He usually likes to know what's where. Problem was that most of his usual sleeping spots were all taken by boxes, so he ended up at the bottom of the stairs, with the stair as his back, and he just lay down there. I'm thinking about putting his bed there tomorrow night.

There was someone that saw the house at 5:30, so John and I took off for dinner in Issaquah, did Red Robin and stopped off at Costco for my supply of Balance Bars. The Costco in Boulder is getting built, but not done, yet, so I thought I should stock up for a bit. I got a nice Erlemeyer flask for my mixology drink. John got a plastic beaker. The flask is plastic, too, but comes with a cool curly straw.

We went to sleep around 9, didn't have to get up until 8, and I felt like I really, truly, needed it.

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