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Useless Facts

John leaves today for a business trip. So we got up a bit earlier than usual, did the usual trip to Victor's and then went to work. The day was grey to begin with but the weather reports said that it would clear, so we drove the Stoat instead of the uncertain Buddha. Seems that the Buddha needs a new fuel pump or something. It's just cutting out at high revs, likely something with the richness of the mix in the new carb. Yeesh. No wonder I scored like 'extreme butch' on the femme vrs butch test. It's going around and they want to give permission for cross links, so I'm not gonna link, but I think that the URL is making the email rounds now.

It's clear now. Nice.

The knee's pretty happy. I'm pretty productive and happy and I've got liverwurst for lunch. A little known fact is that I seem to like liverwurst a lot with a bit of mayo and lettuce on toasted white bread, which I only get every six months or so, not because John keeps me from it, but because he always buys and eats the bread so gets what he likes, which is usually whole grain stuff but since he was going to be gone for a while, I thought I'd get what I'd like. Which has worked.

Which, I guess might actually take me to that list of facts that so many dairiests are doing at the moment. Utterly useless these, but they may amuse or confuse...

So there, all the things you'd want to know about me from these diaries and a few of them you likely didn't want to know.

So I get to eat all the things that I love to eat and John's medium lukewarm about, including eggplant Parmesan and lamb chops and the like. That should be fun, as always, he even recommended that I do Peking Duck from the Golden Wok one night. A very, very good husband. *grin* Though I think I'll wait for him on that one.

Mmmm... bath.

I think, if I had the choice, I'd spend a lot of time in the bathtub. Now that I can actually bend my leg again. Exercises, ice, dinner, bath, bed. What we do every night, Rosty.

Say good-night, Rosty.

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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