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Backrub and Progress

While at work I invited Raven over to talk and to have dinner and to do stuff, he got to the house before John ever got out of it to get me, so that was funny. The two of them then drove the Happy Buddha to come get me and they had such a rough time of it that by the time they got to me the two of them were punning outrageously off of ever word mis-hap either of them got into. When they did get to me, they started punning off my words as well.

I did not take it well.

So they stopped doing me, but went on merrily playing off each other while we dropped by the grocery store for crab cakes and stuff for dinner. Kept it up the whole time while the Buddha had fuel problems and then went on and on with it at home and while dinner was getting put together. It was funny from the outside watching the two of them go at it and it was really fun watching the two of them bond that way, but I was tired enough to be snappy and grumpy.

But I knew it, so communicated it well enough that they managed to cheer me up instead of making me want to kill them. So that was good.

Gave up on even thinking of my exercises that night, I think that Saturday is going to be my Day of Rest for PT. We watched hockey after dinner for a bit, and then Raven gave me a backrub that was kinda funny. There was one specific portion of my lower back that was so sore it made me cry out just to have him touch it at first. But after a good hour workout, he finally got it to a point where it wasn't nearly that sore. That was good.

As we were working it over we discovered that the exact muscles were the ones that I was abusing in order to exercise my hamstrings completely. So it explained why those were so completely sore. The rubbing gradually worked out the poisons.

We got to talk about some of the things that are riding him, too, but it looks like he's worked his own way through it all, which is good. It's good to see him working out his own path. Keen to find someone finding a dream for themselves, rather than expecting to be given one.

It's always a little funny to compare the 'level's of the two sites, his and mine. I'm not worried about my long-term plan, mostly because I settled that a while ago, even here, I think. But with updates only every week or so, he rarely worries about the mundanities of what happened when. Not that he has the time sense for that anyway, but it is just an amusing thing to see. I keep this, in part so that I *can* remember. He doesn't have that need for chronological record. And it's so evident. But I like remembering the fact that he took the time and effort to give me a very solid backrub that got rid of a lot of pain.

And because of that backrub I slept very happily that night. Yum. Didn't even have to wake up for painkillers so I was pretty fresh for the morning. The morning was Starbuck's and then a meeting at the church for John, then church, then John having a meeting afterwards as well. I spent all the extra time in the church office, writing up the dream I had of the sequence of events in the sewer for Sephar. It was good to concentrate.

Spent most of the afternoon on exercises, showering, icing, and then roasted a chicken with rye bread stuffing while watching hockey. Dinner was yummy and we cuddled up and watched other idle TVness and then went to bed.

Most of the day was just idle funness. Realized, after my exercises that my knee's a whole lot better. That I can get up the stairs using it, and that I can wander about now with less trouble than before. Folk at church were amazed that I was off my crutches and things still ache but they're not bad or at least not so bad that I couldn't concentrate on other things. Gradually, it's getting to me as I do my exercises that it really is for the last time, this time, that it's really for the healing.

Managed a two and a half miles in ten minutes today. That was interesting to see. To get a little of my aerobic fitness back would not be a bad thing, and it's starting to get possible again. What's even funnier is that while I feel even more out of shape than I did before, I also feel like I've likely lost weight what with all the strangeness around the surgery and the fact that I've had no appetite until today.

Well, I'm getting somewhere. I just don't really know where it'll all end up, is all.

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