Liralen's Adventure Through Life
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 2: Coolness
 3: Backrub and Progress
 4: Useless Facts
 5: Pain
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 7: Release
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 9: A Body in Motion
10: Running About
11: Sore and Tired but Happy
12: A Slackless Day
13: A Pretty Nice Bone
14: Dad's Cool
15: Conflict Management
16: Bandicoot!
17: Lost and Regained
18: Bonus!
19: Light to Dark
20: Sick
21: Workout
22: Splurge
23: The Other Gretchen
24: Folklife!
25: Sick Day
26: Happy Dogs
28: Christmas in May
29: No Blue...
30: Sleepy Day
31: Sermon Sunday

May was the month when I finally really got going with my physical therapy, where most of my daily life gradually fell back into place, and when I really thought I was going to quit being a deacon. It's when work got into full gear and I finally got into real architecture work and design and really enjoyed all the new work.

It's also a month when I learned a lot about what I could enjoy in my everyday. A month when I nearly completely lost Markleford for a long time and regretted that and the month when I learned that I really was going to lose at least the physical presense of Raven. So I tried to enjoy him when I could, and give him a chance to play and just have fun.

I got written by a bunch of people from my past, at least half a dozen folks from my Caltech days. That's been interesting in and of itself.

And it's definitely the month when the Bandicoot Ate Our Brains.

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