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Just as I was about to leave work last night, Regis asked if her Buffy tape was at my house, and then if the script she'd lent the folks that visited was there as well. They both were. I wanted just about any excuse to get out of the deacon's meeting, so I took the initiative and invited Regis over to watch Buffy and tape it.

My leg was badly sore from PT and I really didn't want to drive the distance to the church as well. So we ate Toshi's teriyaki short-ribs, watched TV curled up on the couch together, and did the taping and I was anal enough to worry about all the commercials. It's just how I'm made.

Dad called after Buffy and told me that he was coming the next week for a conference. After asking me if there was a hotel between the conference and our house that he could stay at I asked him if he wanted to stay here. He asked if I wasn't still living downstairs and I told him no, I'm well enough to be going up stairs, so he'd be very welcome to the guest bedroom. He was pretty happy about all that, so it'll be good to see him again for a while.

Regis left around 10 pm and I had no reason to stay up so just went to sleep.

John called at midnight. So I talked with him for a while about various things, including the work problems. Which weren't that bad, but we figured out a solution and I'm working on them this morning. Decided to actually wear a dress this morning for some odd reason. Just for the fun of it, I guess, and because it really does a good job of hiding the darned brace. I enjoy how it feels, I guess. It's the green corduroy dress from the J Peterman's catalog from fall/winter sale, and the Raymond Chandler quote for the dress is, "She was a blonde. The type of blonde that would make a bishop kick a hole in a stained glass window." I love it.

It's double-breasted, princess seams, lovely bottle-green velvet wales, with a flowing skirt that's long enough to cover the bear trap but not so long that I step on it on the stairs of while climbing into the Stoat. Maya had this lovely phrase the other day, while describing the Demon Prince Andre's bordello, with the walls hung with a velvet as soft and black as sin... made me think of my liquid velvet tights. The softness of this cloth isn't nearly like that, but it is nice against the skin.

I've been listening to Ray of Light by Madonna pretty constantly for the last few days, including during exercises, and it's been fun to learn the songs and listen completely to them. I've really been enjoying them, so should likely thank Mike Wasson for introducing me to the album.

Showered before going to work, and had to tie my hair up a lot so that it wouldn't get completely discombobulated by riding in the Stoat on the way to work. It worked pretty well. Though it was still completely sopping wet by the time I did get to work. It's drying out okay.

Lots of green in all my clothing, now. It's interesting how much green I now have when I used to have so little. Even contemplating green contacts. Also thinking about having Paula just dye my hair blue again. Using the blue cellophane dyes she had a long time ago. It would be interesting to see how they work this time, but I really don't want to bleach everything again and make it all crunchy.

Well, I should probably call her and see.

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