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A Pretty Nice Bone

I knew that it would be a thorough day. Started with a three and a half hour code review of Bob's code, then PT after like five minutes to eat lunch, then more work stuff.

Physical Therapy may be over or not. Going to talk with the doctor on Monday to see where I'm at. Did a full workout today including some time on the bike that had me in a clean sweat. That was actually pretty nice.

One really surprising thing happened, which was, in the middle of my lunges the door opened to the physical therapy office, and Jay Buhner walked in, frowning a bit. He had knee surgery a few weeks back and is, well, doing physical therapy at the place I am. It was funny listening to the guys talk about Jay's chainsaw, his hardware tools, the HumVee that was out in the parking lot, all shiny and black and stuff. And about the security system on the car plus the security system that was on Junior's car that talked to people and thanked them when they got out of the alarm activation area.

Mundane conversations.

What amused me was that my instant reaction on his opening the door was that of recognition. Not who it was, simply that I recognized whomever had just come in that door, so they must be a friend. That was very odd to realize. That because someone had been on the TV in my livingroom my main reaction was one of 'I know this person'. Interesting to learn.

I wonder how much of a problem the players get into or even actors, for that matter, get into when people come up to them thinking that they *know* them.

Work in the afternoon flowed through quite nicely. I'm going to have a complete set of classes before the week's out, I think. Especially with time to do things without any gaming at all since Daimon is at Demiurge's for the week. So no Fiat at all. Which has been good on my hands. We've met up a bit during the week, to talk over possibilities, but not much more than that as they've both been really busy.

Gonna go meet Dad and his boss for dinner City-side. So that should be fun. The Honey Court has always had good food and it'll be good to have Dad there to order. Yum.

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