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Slackless Day

Still really sore today. <sigh>

But got a bunch of review material out in the morning for a complete code review tomorrow morning. So that was useful, then dove into re-designing and re-doing a bunch of my code that was reviewed.

Got an interesting letter from Markleford that demonstrated what I'd been talking about really well, in that, yet again, I didn't get the very slack he was saying that I wasn't giving him. So he's decided not to write me for a while, which isn't anything new, as it's been an entire week since he last wrote anyway. But it was interesting to get such an obvious example of what I'd been having problems with at a micro level with communicating with him in such a macro manner. Thing is that yesterday, I was talking about the simple fact that the ending of the full-blown relationship with him is nearly three years old now, and it's well past time that I dealt with the fact that it's become nothing more than an email palship. That the needs I keep trying to assign to him are things he hasn't the time, energy, or desire to help me with. So I have to go elsewhere, just to deal with reality.

So now I get an even bigger push to just deal. Which, I have to say is both useful and sad. I'd rather liked the email palship while it was working. It's just that without slack on his side and my present unwilingness to be the sole provider of slack, it's just well past time I just dropped things, I guess. He's just made it easier.

Wandered through work today and sat around and talked for a while with some on-line friends and no one was particularly shocked about the whole thing, as they'd kinda expected it of him or me or something. So that's interesting to know.

Lunchtime was a keen experience, in that Bob, John and I went to City and Country Fine Teas, and sat for a while with the proprietor and drank tea and talked a lot about teas. They have an excellent selection of straight from China and Taiwan teas, a lovely Mao Feng green, a gracious Ah Li San oolong, and a really gnarly five year old pu-erh were the teas that he had us sample.

The green was crisp and lovely and fresh with spring flavors. The oolong was spice and deep with orchid notes and a sweetness that accompanies most of the greener oolongs. Really marvelous. The pu-erh was earthy, rich with flavor and as smooth as a well-aged scotch and as potent. It was lovely to sip each quietly and enjoy the fragrances as well as the taste. Bob and I loaded up and I bought a little of each of the teas we tasted and a bit of equipment. Since I'd given the other Gretchen my white gaiwan, I got another one for about half the price that they sell them for retail and also bought myself a tiny little gaiwan for sipping purposes. Yum.

Loaded with a bit of peace from sipping we went back to work and I got things done. That was good.

Especially since I was achy still from my knee. So I called off the possible plans with Regis and Kelly and, instead, went home, did my exercises and Regis and Kelly called while I was on the bike, so that Kelly could say goodbye. That was nice. It was good to get the chance and while I was feeling down about Markleford, it wasn't that bad a down.

While icing my knee afterwards I realized that any pain or problems were pretty much all in my head, which meant that I could change them. That I could concentrate on putting other things in my head that would make me happier, so I did. Starting with dinner, then with talking with John after he got back from his meeting.

That was useful. Also watching basketball and hockey for a while was useful. Two double overtimes in one night for hockey playoffs, first time ever... and the ending of the Buffalo game was tremendous. Hasek stopped 27 shots while his Buffalo teammates only took 9 shots on the opposing goalie and managed to win the game in the second overtime. Wow. That was sweet.

The Sonics ran in the buzzsaw of the hot LA Lakers. Ah well. By the end of the game my Dad showed up.

That was cool. He's here for a conference for the next week and we'll be saving his company a bit of money while he's here and get to visit with him while he's up here. They normally live in San Diego area, so it isn't all that often that I get to see them. So we'll have a little time together in the evenings and Dad will have a quiet place to sleep that isn't in the middle of downtown. He'll have to do a little more driving but doesn't really seem to mind that all that much.

It was surprisingly good to see him again and just talk for a while and catch up and see how he's doing. Amusingly enough he gave me a copy of IBM's Via Voice to use as he doesn't have a PC either at home or at work, so when the conference gave him a free copy he really didn't have anything to run it on so gave it to us for fun and for free. That was very keen.

Quiet night on the most part. I took ibuprofen and the normal painkillers and slept pretty peacefully, it helped that John took an allergy med that kept him from snoring all night and enabled him to breath well in the morning, so that was good all in all.

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