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Friday evening John and I spent trying to find a movie and dinner, and we finally settled on Mercury Rising as innocuous action movie and on a local tiny authentic Italian place for dinner. They really do the food right and in ways I wouldn't have guessed, but they do lovely rich work. John has a melt in your mouth lasagna and I had neat rolls of pork loin stuffed with panchetta and garlic, awash in an herbed white wine sauce and served with tender to the bite bowtie pasta.

The movie was fun. Simple. No brain power needed. I just went along for the ride and was entertained. That was very nice.

I was somewhat lazy that night and just did a few exercises before going to sleep, and the knee felt less achy for the motion. That was good, so sleep was pretty good.

Today just dawned brilliantly. Sunny, beautiful, bright and lovely, couldn't stand to think of spending it at work, so we didn't. Instead, I did my exercises while John did stuff on the computer in the loft, and when I finished, I made breakfast and then iced the knee while eating. We then tackled Fezzik and washed him thoroughly before I washed myself.

Then I sat down for a while with the computer and the lectionary and came up with a really short sharing. I thought it was too short, but then considered it a virtue of sorts. Everyone wants out sooner rather than later, so that was good.

Got done in plenty of time for Raven to come over. We sat and talked a lot. Then John appeared, told me to close my eyes and hold out my arms. So I did, and a nice large package descended into my arms. Raven laughs. John tells me to open my eyes, and YAHOOO!! It's a full PlayStation with a memory card, another controller, and two CD's! The funniest thing was Raven saying, immediately, "You suck!"

I did a rather nasty disaster of a dinner. The frozen halibut cooked up a lot tougher than I like, and I managed to ignore the rice at just the wrong moment, though I wanted to steam asparagus on it. Both Raven and John were extremely kind and said that smoked rice is a delicacy in some nations.

Woohoo! We had dinner, then plugged the game in, and sat around taking turns playing and laughing until we couldn't breath anymore. The two games were Crash Bandicoot and Blasto. John had a great time with it, and did really well, I sucked cheerfully at all the games, and Raven had the touch to get further than either of us. But the imaginative ways to die were tremendous and sometimes so utterly funny that I just had to, every once in a while just fall over laughing. Especially over my own mistakes. One makes just so many of them in these reaction type games, it's impossible to get mad at 'em for long, and it's so much funnier to just laugh.

That was so cool.

By the time Raven got to actually giving me my traditional backrub the laughter had loosened up so much of my tension that nothing hurt too badly by the time he was working on them. That was tremendously cool, too.

Raven said that the evening of laughter and just playing with stuff was exactly what he needed. That was really good to know as well.

So sleep was easy in coming and I was giggling even in my sleep, or so John says. And it didn't even really matter that it was 1 am and I had to get up around 7 am in order to get to church in time to setup and set things in order.

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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