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Lost and Regained

The moment was about loss. It started with a brief bit from the Tao Te Ching, "Be broken to be whole." and ended with "Have little, gain much. Have much, get confused." Mostly it had to do with the fact that with the loss of my leg, I've rediscovered small things that I just never noticed when I had them. That by losing them, I've gotten my attention drawn to them, and when I gain 'em back, it's with joy. Which lead to the thought that if I can feel like this about these things I used to take for granted, what else do I take for granted that I could, likely feel this way about?

Thankfulness for the small things that I have.

It was about two minutes of talking, most sharings are in the three minute range, but I wanted it short, succinct and solid. And it turned out to be memorable, certainly. Nearly a dozen different people related stories to afterwards that were connected with the thought. That was neat.

We also inducted a family from Australia that wanted to be associate members of the church while they were in the area. They're really keen, with three active, rambunctious kids and they're active and fun. They should be good for the church and we for them.

By the time everything was over, I was so dead tired, that I just drove home after a cookie and some coffee during the Fellowship time, and nearly went straight to bed but John got home before I could and made lunch for me. I don't even really remember what, but it was food, which did make me feel better as I hadn't really eaten all morning, and then I dropped back into bed and slept for five hours. Straight.

This surgery thing has taught me that it's good to sleep enough. When I got up, I felt pretty good, and so did a reduced set of my exercises, and then made dinner. This time I tried to make up for the previous day's disaster and did chicken breasts on bread stuffing with bashed neeps.

Bashed neeps are mashed swedes which are boiled and mashed with a bit of butter and seasoning rutabegas. Which turn out nice and sweet and orange and slightly fibrous and yummy. It all turned out well, the stuffing browning nicely as the chicken cooked to a tender juicy doneness and I didn't burn any of it.

John laughed and said that yeah, it was good to have lost one dinner to smoke and disaster to enjoy the return of great dinners. That made me laugh a lot.

We watched X-Files and now I really want to see the movie. The Bandicoot then ate our brains.

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