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Bright to Dark

The day started gorgeously, with bright clear skies and enough warmth to make riding in the Stoat more of an adventure than an ordeal. So we hopped in, and went to work.

I still had the head cold, but chose to ignore it because I had just a few more things to finish at work, and it didn't seem that bad. Of course, that usually is the way head colds get worse.

I checked in all the new stuff that I had built, built it, and then tested it. Once it was completely tested out, I told John and Bob of the new changes. Both of them had plenty of other things to do, and weren't waiting on my changes. There were some things that they said they wanted to do in the afternoon, to get together for a design meeting in order to map out what the next steps were going to be. We figured out what the next major steps were going to be, but the chunks were way too big for any single person to attack.

The trick was going to be breaking it up into pieces we could each tackle on our own.

Both of them, however, or so busy we never really got to the meeting.

That evening, was a reunion of ex-Synario workers at the Rose Hill Tavern. We all met at about 6:00 p.m. and had a great time drinking beers and eating the good pub food that the Tavern served so well. It was great fun to see everyone again, and Ginger brought pictures that she had taken at Versailles when she and her husband had gone there for vacation. She and I had been there on a business trip, and only seen the Castle at night and in the rain. So it was good to see that she had gotten there during the daylight.

It was really good to get together with everyone again. The only problem was that it took, as usual, a fair effort from me in order to be social. So, any energy that the cold left me, was quickly gone. So, we left around 8 p.m. when I was pretty much exhausted. John dropped me off at home, and went on to a meeting with some of the church folks. He drove off in the Stoat, which still had no roof. The sky was turning black, and not just from the sunset, clouds were rolling them from the West but John wasn't very worried about it.

I did some of my stretching exercises for my knee, then then went upstairs, got ready for bed, and drew myself a hot bath. The bath felt wonderful on all my aching joints. As I prepared the bath the sky lit up with lightning, and then the whole house shook as thunder roared. There was nearly no pause between the flash of light and the boom of sound, it was that close. Then the rain poured down, hard.

I lit all the candles, turned off all the lights in the house, unplugged the computers, and then slid into my bath. It was wonderful. The heat loosening all my tensions, the steam opening all my breathing passages, and slowly all my aches and pains floated into the water.

I fell asleep easily.

I only awoke when John climbed into bed. Long enough to ask how he did in the rain, but it turned out that in Issaquah it hadn't rained as hard as it had here. While the car was a little wet when he came out, there hadn't been the light show or the really heavy rain. So, he didn't have problems with the weather. That was good to know, and I slept peacefully after

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