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I woke up with a bad sore throat. Nasty. But had to get into work today and do three things. The first was finishing off a suite of classes that I'd mostly done and get in most of the testing I wanted to do. The second was the six week checkup with my surgeon who'd done the surgery, and the third was to do the meeting with the folks that were doing the bonus from Data I/O.

All of them went well. I finished all the classes and got them to compile together. Didn't quite finish all the testing.

The meeting with the doctor went well. The swelling is below average, he told me that I could use ibuprofen whenever I was feeling aches or pains, and that he felt that I was not only doing well, but that the PT should continue for a while, so that was good. Another four weeks of once a week and then once every other week until I get to see him in eight weeks. That should be cool.

We also talked through the fact that my getting through all the exercises was taking two hours plus every night, and he said that I should trim that down to about half an hour twice a day. I'll likely talk with Rick about putting together something that will work that way with some rotation of exercises that will keep it interesting. I needed to know that it would be okay and Dr. Thayer was boggled that I was doing that much, and said that if I keep that up, that I'd likely burn out on it. And I had to acknowledge that I was already. So this should be really good.

I'm also gradually supposed to get out of the brace more. Which is good. Dr. Thayer joked that on seeing that I hadn't thrown my brace away that it was a good sign. That was funny. Keen. So I get to keep it on uneven ground, but nearly everything else I should be able to do braceless in the next week or two. That's keen.

What was most reassuring was realizing that Dr. Thayer didn't think I was completely cured simply because I could do a few things around the house again. That was very good to know, as while I felt functional again, I really, really don't feel like I'm whole yet. I still feel crippled, still feel like a gimp and still feel like I have healing and strengthening to do. So it was good to get the reassurance of that. And to know that there was more that I could do and should do and that I was on a path to do it all. That was good.

The bonus meeting was good, too. I got about half again what I was expecting, which surprised the hell out of me, and was very good and reassuring in other ways as well. So now I get to splurge on J. Peterman's catalogs and see what else I actually really want. That should be good to do after months of thinking of what to do with the bonus if it ever came.

Data I/O had been promising this money since Christmas. Tells you something that they didn't pay until now.

Anyway, that's over with. And that darned J. Peterman's black duster keeps speaking to me. Okay, along with a trip to Australia or Alaska or maybe even the Caribbean. It's time to talk things through with the JF. Heh.

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