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Went to sleep a bit worried about PT this morning, as it was a 9am appointment and I'm never my best in the morning. I'm a 'wake up at the crack of noon' type of person. We managed to get up in time, eventhough we both got our brains eaten by the Bandicoot while we were dinnering, and I didn't get up enough energy to make soup and just stole a slice of John's pizza instead. Yum. Pizza.

John was a sweety and stopped by Victor's on the way in, so that I at least had some caffeine in me. Then I drove myself over to physical therapy and arrived nearly five minutes late by their clocks. But they weren't all that busy that early in the morning anyway. Rick looked at the prescription and gave an evil cackle and said that we were going to start doing real workouts every week, and that I should do what the doctor said and rotate the other exercises on the days I had home. Also that it was quite acceptable to take a day or even two off a week, depending on how things felt, and since I was sick. Good not to burn out on things.

Then Rick put me through a workout that had me realizing just how out of shape I am, especially with a cold. Walking with him as resistance in the parking lot was funny, though. Had a wide mesh belt with a bungee between him and I, and he provided drag while I tried to walk across the parking lot with my leg muscles. That was nice in the cold, grey day after ten minutes at a faster clip on the stationary bike. Utterly undignified, though, but it was good hard work. Finally something that'll really work out the aerobic system.

Okay, that *and* about eighty step-ups on a stool step, and nearly five minutes of balancing on my bad leg and sixty lunges on the end of the bungee. That bungee was sturdy enough to support nearly all my weight at any given instance, which felt really interesting when I was leaning hard against it.

Next week I'm gonna *have* to bring shower stuff as it's another morning appointment. It's nice now that I'm not wearing the brace to actually wear real clothing to work when I can.

Rick noted that it would likely be a good idea to join a gym and was under the impression that I worked for Microsoft, which got me to laugh a bit, and he looked so disappointed when I said that I didn't. He wanted to talk over some of the implications of the Justice Department and states gathering to sue Microsoft and even Intel. Ah well.

So by the time I got back to work, I was really tired.

I managed to get everything done, though, and even thought through a few hairy problems with smart pointers.

Raven sent me this great letter and gave me permission to cite the puppy:

So, I was walking along the road from the grocery to my house, and I passed two children. One was an Asian girl with long hair that was multi-colored. The other was a blond Caucasian boy, with tousled and scraggly hair. As they passed me, the girl looked at the boy with wide eyes and said, "What???" and hit him on the head.

And I thought... Wow. If Liralen and I had grown up together, that's what we would have looked like.

It was just so appropriate I fell over laughing. It's really the way we interact together a lot. The funny thing is that John even noted that I get annoyed all to heck with Raven in our interactions, but when I write here and about the feelings I actually get when I'm around him or visiting him, they're much less focussed on that. But, yeah, when we're together we're actually a lot like that pair of kids, me whacking him every once in a while. That letter really made my day.


Just tired. Cranky. Sore from the morning. Glad of all that I can do now. But it doesn't make me less tired... ooof.

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