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Well, got home last night completely exhausted. But we had a guy coming over to check out all our siding and give us an assessment on how much it would take to repaint the exterior of the house. John talked with him while I sat at the desk and wrestled with J. Peterman's catalogs and a nice long list.

It's gonna be like Christmas in a week. I ordered most of the things that I've been thinking a lot about for the last several months, now that the bonus is in, I thought I might as well get what I wanted. One of them was an item that I had seen in the original catalog Bryant gave me when I was staying with him during a business trip in the Bay Area way back in February. There was only one coat of my size left. They warned me that that might mean that it wasn't really in stock, but since there was only one, I thought well, that's it, I have to have it, if it exists. So if it actually exists, it was meant to be, and if it doesn't, then I've just saved myself about $300.

Yeah. A real splurge. It's a silk coat with a very interesting layout that I really, really liked from the pictures. I may get to see if it's that keen in real life. In some ways it wasn't a splurge in that I've been thinking all these through, a lot, before doing any of the buying, and I've had plenty of time to weed out what I really didn't want to actually have.

Other things included jewel colored soda glasses, ice cream soda shaped glasses, not just the jewel colored tumblers on the web site. Also two linen, real linen towels, something that I'd been planning on making myself years and years ago, but the price was so good on these compared to nearly a year's worth of work to just spin and weave 'em myself. And enough cotton to be sure that they're soft as well as absorbent. A few other clothing things as well. The lady on the other end of the phone sounded pretty astonished by the end of it all. I astonished myself a bit by just doing the ordering.

It was nice to finally be able to do it all.

In some ways it was a reward for actually getting my bonus, in other ways it was a reward for surviving the knee surgery and getting as far as I've gotten. All in all, it's been waiting quite a while to be expressed.

But it completely ate what little brain I had left from after the PT and the cold. So even ordering pizza was hard. But we managed it, and after pizza, the Bandicoot ate our brain and then we went to bed. Sleep, for some odd reason, took a long time to come. I was tossing and turning most of the night, trying to find a comfortable place for my body as it was just aching, even with some ibuprofen and light painkillers. So I got up in the middle of the night to take more and then, finally, fell asleep and dreamed of swirling red silk pants...

Still tired after getting up and we went to Victor's for a pick-up and it's slowly settling into my brain and body. Still sick, but not as bad as the last couple days. At least I'm not quite as exhausted.

Some plans for today, though that aren't quite filling in. Did call Paula to try and schedule a time to get my hair re-dyed a brighter shade. I'm hoping to get the blonde turned blue again. Maybe a different shade of blue, but black and blue would go nicely together.

Godzilla is in the schedule for tonight. As is food sometime and getting Gretchen to our house. Not sure of the details.

Folklife tomorrow! It'll likely rain like crazy, but it's a grey day today, too, and it's not raining, yet. And what's life in Seattle but a little rain?

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