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Sick Day

While we had made some plans with Regis about Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas with Regis, when things actually came down we were unable meet up with her. Gretchen had scheduled all her Other People visiting for that day, so that worked out well when I decided to just be a vegetable at home. To just lie around and sleep and watch Raven play Crash Bandicoot.

It was a fun day, though pretty one-sided. And, in the end, Regis came over with a Buffy tape while I made pizza dough from scratch and we had pizza. Raven amazed me by playing All Day. And by the end had gotten further than any of us had hoped to. That was pretty cool. Pizza was good. Crust was light and crisp and we had plenty of yummy things to throw on it.

After that we watched the season finale of Buffy and it was good, except for the really truly and utterly horrible and awful Irish accent on Angel of the Past that set teeth on edge and put a few of us into just complete pain. The plot was keen, the setup solid, and the ending a really good punch. Gretchen got to see it as her first Buffy things and it was really keen when Regis did her ten minute speel of What Has Gone Before for Gretchen. That was worth seeing and hearing for its own sake.

Then more sleep for tired, not well-breathing me.

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