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Happy Dogs

I felt a lot better in the morning. The day of rest helped out a lot. Got up fairly early so that I could make whole wheat waffles for Gretchen before she had to drive back to the airport. That was fun. Raven had fun eating them, too, and the four of us sat around and ate waffles and talked and poured lots of good maple syrup and basically had fun breakfasting. Yum.

The timing worked out exactly to get Gretchen to the airport on time, and that was good. We then took Raven off to Redmond to drop him off at the bus stop, but pulled Fezzik along and stopped by the off-leash area first. I'd forgotten that it wasn't Raven we'd brought along before, but Mike. So it was fun to share the place with Raven for the first time, and have him marvel at all the dogs and at Fezzik running non-stop for the entire time.

It was keen and odd to actually wander through with my brace. This time none of the dogs really took exception to the brace, and I found that my leg was enough more stable that it didn't mind walking all the way in and then all the way down to one end of the off-leash runs and then all the way back along a diagonal to the car. That was good to know that my leg was that much stronger.

Since the cold, I've gotten a lot more lax about my exercises. They were taking way too much of my energy and I wasn't able to breath anyway, so I'd been just slacking off. The walk was good exercise and I enjoyed it in the partial sunshine. We also met a guy from one of our old soccer teams while there, and he's brought along his yellow lab, Lulu, who would go all over the park with her ball, dropping it at the feet of anyone that was human and watching them pleadingly until they picked it up and threw it. Bob was saying that it was sometimes pretty funny to watch the people she did that too, as some people just didn't know how to react and tried to just ignore her, so she'd pick up the ball, go around to whichever way they were now trying to face and drop it on their feet again. Poor Lulu. Poor people, chuckle.

After dropping Raven off, we did a little grocery shopping. Then mostly went home and let the Bandicoot eat our brain. Not a hard thing...

Fezzik was so exhausted from the day that he just slept for the rest of the afternoon and evening. I followed suite, with a nice long nap before the T.V., too. Yum.

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