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Christmas in May

Yesterday was a pretty long time at work. So I was tired when I got home and my lungs were still bothering me and my body just was aching for no reasons that I knew. John was cheering me up well, but knew he could use some help as well, and as we rolled down the driveway, he found help on the laundry room porch.

It was in the form of a great big box. With the words J. Peterman's Company on it. The splurge order had arrived.

I have a friend, Peter, who hates to mail order as he hates to wait for something that he's bought, would rather have it in his hands immediately rather than waiting a week or two. He's a sweety with absolutely no patience. For me, though, this second coming of what I'd ordered and wanted for so long was an utterly needed and thoroughly satisfying boost.

The long tailed silk Vita's coat was exactly what I'd hoped but feared it wouldn't be. It's thick, heavy weight glossy satin silk, as dark as my hair, and with a flow to it that's just incredible, as the back tail is nearly half a well-gored skirt. The shoulders and body are perfectly fitted to even my slightly big shoulders, and the sleeves the perfect length for my arms. It's warm and weighty and of a solid enough silk that it doesn't crush and wrinkle when I sit on it. Yum.

The red silk swirling pants really do swirl. They move in a way that I don't think anything else could. But they're also a bit long. I'm likely going to have to do the delicate task of hemming them. Luckily, I have a box of silk pins from when I was going to remodel a bunch of antique kimono. I may still get around to that, someday. Especially if I can get these pants to come out right. They're just gorgeous. The cotton version, with coins on the ties for the pocket closures is easier to hem, so I'm likely going to do them first and then match their length with the red ones, so I have a working model.

The kitchen wear and bathtowels are exactly as I hoped they'd be, too. Big, jewel colored soda glasses, and the towels are huge and thick and plush and really, really thirsty. They're also stiffer than cotton towels and just enough scratchier to be really nice and sensuous to use. Yum. Plush...

One thing was too big. A turquoise silk dress was just gorgeous but needed far bigger bust than I had to offer. So those two are going back. I still haven't decided what, if anything, I'm getting to replace the dress. The other item I'll get in a smaller size, likely. There *is* this astonishing silk kimono robe, but I have so many kimono, I'd feel guilty about that.

It was very satisfying to open everything up and just bask in New Things and knowing that some of them worked out gorgeously indeed.

Today hasn't been that bad, all in all. Lots to do at work, so I'm not updating as much as I sometimes do. The day is utterly gorgeous, though, after weeks of grey and rain. So sunny John and I walked to a further deli for lunch today. Got good food and a good walk in the sunshine in as well as asking him about various problems I was having with work and with Paula.

Paula's my hair lady, and she did the incredibly good job of bleaching and dying my hair sky blue last October. Kinda forgot that she'd come up with a lovely sapphire dark blue dye the times when she and I had been trying to find a blue that would have even a snowball's chance of making my black hair blue. I called her to confirm my appointment time, and she double checked that the blue-black dye she'd used the very, very first time was what I wanted. I reacted badly. I wanted to make my hair brighter, not cover it up. So I told her than pretty point blank, and she said that she'd go and look for it again.

So I talked it over with John, as I'm lousey about standing up for what I really want when someone doesn't meet my expectations. John was good about filling me in on possibilities and getting me to figure out that it was okay to have un-met expectations and just to be glad that I got the chance to get my data in sooner than during the appointment, after she'd already mixed the blue-black. So that was useful.

The walk was so good for my leg that in the evening, after a dinner of quick chicken Yakisoba, we went for another walk, with Fezzik and wandered through the nearby neighborhood under the light of the sun nearing the horizon, at about 8:30 p.m. The days are definitely getting much longer. It's really nice to have the extra time after work when the day's are still light. Though I guess we pay for it in the winter when we leave in the dark and go home in the dark even on a short, eight hour workday.

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