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No Blue...

Showed up for my appointment about half an hour early, so read _Wired_ in the car while waiting. That was fun, especially reading about the folks doing test runs for Mars habitat possibilities. I never have enough time to read the mag, usually, so am not getting it any more, except through the Web, and only the free articles at that. Ah well.

Paula showed up about five minutes after nine, which was cool, and told me, up front, that she didn't have the color dye I wanted. That was good to have happen, that it was just that straightforward. Turns out her supplier just didn't get that kind of dyes anymore, so I'll have to look elsewhere, likely to find it.

So, instead of dyeing it, I just had her trim the ends neat and clean again and then do a French Braid with it. I've been getting compliments from workmates all day. That's been kinda keen. Though it's *crunchy* with how much hairspray she put on, it isn't daring to fray. That's cool. I even got an extra hour at work. Where I was somewhat unmotivated, but did manage to get another chunk of capability finished and tested. That was good.

Also played a bit in Fiatearlier in the afternoon. Getting ready for a battle. It should be interesting.

Lunch with John was at Taco Time. Found out that they had a new black bean crisp burrito, which is a reprise of their usual crisp bean burritos, which all aren't really burritos at all. Rather their a Taco Time singularity, where they put just a strip of refried beans and cheese in a flour tortilla, roll it up really tight and then deep fry it so that the outside is crisp and the inside the typical refried bean moooshy kinda softness with the richness of cheese. Entirely NOT from Mexico, but I like them on their own merits. The black bean version had green chiles in it, and feta cheese along with some Montery Jack. So it was zestier than the normal bean burrito and it had the characteristic sweetness of black beans, and the first thing I thought when I bit into it was "Purple food!!" as the paste is a very, very dark purple. Yum.

Heh. Okay. I like weird food.

It was good and lasted me the afternoon quite well. The hair's lasted well, too, so I'm glad.

Maybe some adventures tonight, what with the hair. But then again maybe not. I think I'll prefer home cooking, a bit of exercise with Fezzik and the spousal unit and then hemming a lot of pants. Wow. I'm getting really boring in my older age.

Yeesh, I still haven't thought of a single thing for the third of a sermon I'm supposed to do on Sunday. God help me.

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