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Sleepy Day

I didn't sleep very well. I don't know why. Tight jaw, though, I think from the toothguard, and slight neck ache. Got up and was kinda surprised when John didn't. I wandered downstairs and did my leg exercises, including a fifteen minute ride on the stationary bike at speeds I'd never hit between the time when I was injured and when I did surgery. So, now, I was even stronger than I was when I'd had the surgery done. Measurable pieces of progress are good things.

But even after I'd showered, John wasn't waking up, which was really odd of him. Finally, when I'd gotten everything together to make a rather immense breakfast of corned beef hash and eggs and potato hash, he stumbled downstairs in his robe, announced that he had my cold and proceeded to drink about a gallon of orange juice and collapse into the couch.

Breakfast helped give him a little energy, and after a bit of TV which included surprisingly good ABC coverage of a pre-World Cup soccer game, well it surprised me until I found out that ESPN was doing the coverage, he went back to sleep. While we were watching, James Walden called and said that he'd be up in Seattle for the weekend to visit with the INTP mailing list. He wanted to have sushi with me on Sunday and, if it was okay, he wanted to stay at our place tonight. I found the order of inquiry kinda interesting. But I said it would be okay, and he said he'd likely be in around 10 or 11 p.m.. He knew how to let himself in, so that would work out okay. By then I was feeling really tired, so I went to sleep on the couch, and surprised myself by sleeping three hours straight. I guess I really needed it.

It's odd, sometimes, how lost I feel when John is the one that's sick. He's usually the strong one, so now I'm the one that's trying to take care of him. It's been even stranger after this long period of him taking care of me because of my leg, and having the tables so completely turned was interesting. It also helped me in my own feelings of recovery and in feeling that I really am recovering or even mostly recovered.

I basically procrastinated until after a makeshift dinner that was mostly just chicken noodle soup for John and some cheese and crackers and then started writing my third of a sermon for the next day. <laughter> It worked. The structure fell in place when I was halfway through writing it, and the rest fell in line neatly. Even with a break in between to give John a thorough back massage as the cold was making his whole body ache and especially his lower back, so I took a nice long time to rub away the sorness I'd wished I'd had rubbed away while I was sick. I actually got it all written before 10 pm, and then read it through one more time, played a bit of FreeCel.

James appeared about on time and we stood around the kitchen talking for a while as he got a good view of the new kitchen for the first time in a long time. He'd lived with John and I for about six months, sometime after I'd broken up with Markleford, and somewhat as an experiment as to wheither or not three people could live in the house together. The main problems that happened were that John and I banded closer together, James retreated into his room, and communications about expectations just didn't quite work out on either side very well. So it was with some relief and some sadness when James moved out. The best thing, though is that we're still friends, and it didn't irrevokably damage that. I think that we knew if we kept it up, it might have eventually.

I went to bed then, done but with some worries in the back of my head.

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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