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May 14, 1999
a year ago

The Mummy

Had a really good day at work. Long, but good and interesting and useful and we got places. That was good.

By quitting time, however, I was just zonked. No brains at all. So when John proposed a movie, I kinda went, okay. I knew that I really, really, truly wanted to see The Black Mask sometime this weekend, but when we checked out the newspaper for what was playing where, it wasn't playing anywhere even near Boulder. At all.

Oops. So, at the last minute, we decide to go see The Mummy, as both of us have wanted to see it for a while, and we really wanted to see all the big desert scenes on the Big Screen. I felt, a little like it was a let-down, from getting to see the Black Mask; but I dealt with it okay.

Since the theater where The Mummy was playing at was across the street from the brand-new Costco, we decided to go there for dinner. We also needed dog food for Fezzik, and we've fed him their stuff for quite a while with no bad side-affects. They always have a quick-food stand that usually has things like hot dog and a pop for $1.50. Cheap, quick, and okay for the cheapness. They also had SoBe drinks for less than a buck a piece, so I bought a crate of that. Sadly, since we were going directly to the theater and things were going to have to sit in the car for a while, I couldn't get the thirty count of Sara Lee chocolate covered cheesecake bits. Kathy had warned me about them and that Costco had them in the thirty count.

Actually, thinking more about it, it was probably a good thing.

We then headed into the theater, it's a fairly small place, not too crowded, plenty of parking even on a Friday night. Very nice and cozy. We got into the theater for The Mummy sat down for the forty minute wait and just enjoyed talking for a while. We just missed the 7 pm. start for the other showing, but it was a lot of fun to just sit and talk. We got the first two seats in exactly the right place and then folks started to filter in around us.

Eventually it was like an entire class of middl school kids came romping in, running up and down the aisles, throwing things at each other, yelling, and eating popcorn. Noisy, but happy and mostly non-destructive. They were kinda scary at first, but they settled when the movie started, and were pretty impressively quiet on the most part. When the dialogs got a bit long a few of them would start running up and down the aisles again. But that only happened twice the whole movie.

The Mummy was a most excellent movie. I really enjoyed it. It was fun without being too sappy, and had lots of cool action sequences without getting squishily ooky in gore. I love horror that just implies what might have happened rather than showing things that make me say, "Ew." All the character motivations made good sense, and I just loved Evey, the Librarian. It's not that often that I get to see an intelligent woman character who manages to be not as brawny as the guys, but still smart about what she can do. I really enjoyed her as a character. An interesting bit of input for other thoughts. She's smart enough to go for the eyes when she knows her muscles aren't going to prevail.

That was cool.

So I'd really recommend it to anyone that might be thinking about watching it.

On the way home, we stopped by an Albersons and found a ten pack of the same little Sarah Lee cheesecakes for about half the price of the thirty pack. We found that they were tiny, so we ate two without any guilt. Yum. They're really good. Creamy and rich and chocolaty and the bottoms are nice and grahamy. Cool, too, against the heat of the day. That was nice. Yum.

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