Liralen's Adventure Through Life
May 1999
  1: Starting Home
  2: Yellowstone
  3: Where Buffalo Roam
  4: Doing Things
  5: Feeding Ten
  6: Lawn Tractor
  7: Defender '90
  8: Mowing Madness
  9: Sunny Mother's Day
10: Borax
11: Clean Planning
12: Legalities and Pens
13: Mistaken Assumptions
14: The Mummy
15: Erie Town Fair
16: Self-Portrait
17: Impromptu Feast
18: Avalanche!
19: I Rode!
20: Simple
21: Food is Good
22: Errands and Discoveries
23: Left Hand Canyon
24: Pen Stuff
25: Ambitious Day
26: Meetings
27: Ginger Beer
28: Lazy Friday
29: Boulder Creek Fair
30: Walk, Pop and Bike
31: Fondue and Quills Redux

This was the month that started off with freedom from the old house, all the old ends tied off in Seattle, and on our way back to our new home. Not quite home, yet, eventhough it had all our stuff. Lots of exploration this month, lots of things to do. Lots of unexpected things, too. Like a huge number of moths migrating from here to somewhere in Texas taking the time to completely invade our house or the night when Fezzik found he had a hard time getting up off the wood floor.

I got a John Deere lawn tractor for the lawn, which got use a lot this month. I also did some steady discovery of how to cut and use quill pens from feathers. Then there was the bits where Kathy got me hooked on Parker Vacumatics, both the older version and the Duofold pens with the vacumatic fill mechanics. Pretty creatures that write like nothing made today.

Did a couple batches of ginger beer and one of root beer. Saw the Avelanche play out, valiently, the last of their season, and did a lot of local exploration, not only of the grocery stores, home improvement shops and housewares places; but also of the local forests and off-road playgrounds, though John did more of that than I did.

There is a lot of activity in and at work. Nice activity that is actually getting us somewhere, somewhere that we've never really taken the tools. I then come, fairly late, to the realization that a whole lot more is possible at work than I thought or even really believed possible. It wasn't possible in any of the work situations I'd been in before, so it is kinda a revelation that they now are possible.

All in all a really busy month and it looks like it's going to get busier.

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