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May 13, 1999
a year ago

Mistaken Assumptions

Got real conscious of something today, something that I've been assuming for years and, very clearly, found out was entirely wrong. I've always assumed that eating before exercising would really mess me up, in part because when I've eaten immediately before a soccer game I've always felt really sick. The thing is that not eating at all before a game is nearly as bad.

For years, I'd play pick up soccer games at lunch time after not eating any breakfast at all and afraid to eat anything hours before the game and then I'd nearly faint after playing for a while. I always thought it was my low blood pressure, that the afternoon was hotter than the evening, or something. I never really had this problem at night, when I played evening soccer. So I always kinda thought it was the time of day, and that's all.

Well... last Thursday I rode and I actually nearly fainted after I went back up to my cubicle. I just thought that that was a product of a first ride or something. Tuesday played into that, as I did much better. Today, I nearly fell over again; and it took some consciousness to realize that it was because I hadn't eaten or drunk much all morning. Tuesday I'd managed a Balance bar around 10, because I wasn't really thinking or trying hard not to eat before biking. Last Thursday I hadn't had anything before lunch, either. So the two days that I fell over I actually hadn't eaten *anything* for at least 12 hours before biking.

When I have evening soccer, I made absolutely sure that I at least ate lunch. So it would account for the fact that I'd do better in the evenings. I'm still a bit dumbfounded that it took this long for me to figure it out.

So I hurt for most of the afternoon, but meetings are meetings and that wasn't too bad, anyway. We didn't get home until late, stopped by Target to get a few things, but I completely forgot the bathroom cleaner and the shower spray stuff. Ah well. I did, however, get clear fingernail polish, tweezers, and super glue, all for fixing pens, not for beauty applications.

I made dinner while John hauled grass clipping bags to the street. We'd ended up with 22 of them, and they'll take 10 a week. So we'll have 'em for a little while. The really frightening thing is that I noted that in the last week, the grass has grown significantly and I cut it long so that I wouldn't clog the catcher completely. So I really will probably have to go over it again this weekend. This time I think I'm just going to let the clippings lie, to keep the water in the ground and maybe, eventually, fertilize the live stuff. It's supposed to rain for portions of this coming weekend anyway.

Dinner was spaghetti and Trader Joe's roasted garlic tomato sauce and garlic bread. Simple, quick, and very yummy. I had angel hair pasta and the texture of the thing noodles went really well with the deep, pungent taste of the garlic sauce. The bread was pre-cut so it toasted thin and crunchy. Yum.

John played Bandicoot after dinner, and I watched happily, wrote a bit, and then headed for bed. It's been a darned nice, simple life

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