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May 20, 1999
a year ago


A very simple day. Work is bearing down with deadlines, so things get simpler as they go on. Work, home, food, and then a little play before going to sleep. Food was fresh Chinese noodles in fried noodles with lots of cabbage, BBQ'ed pork and other yummy things, including lots of finely chopped ginger quick fried until it was nearly crisp.

John played Bandicoot. I ran around trying to do close-ups of my quills. That didn't work too well. I'm going to have to wait until it's daylight to get more light for the really, really close-up close-ups. There was thunder and lightening and a slow falling rain all afternoon and evening. So I left the herbs outside.

We got through most of the evening without having to deal with any moths. Then, suddenly, just as the sky got completely dark, dozens of moths suddenly appeared from various vents from the basement. That was crazy. They were fluttering and diving and bombing about. We finally turned on the insect light and they fried.

John washed the dishes, went out to pile the garbage up on the curb, and eventually tried my quills to see if he could write with them, even if he deliberately did it heavy handed. They worked beautifully. That was cool.

Sleep hit like a ton of bricks. No problems, no consciousness until morning. I think I'm really tired

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