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May 21, 1999
a year ago

Food is Good

John went to pick up book shelves early this morning. He had to get there at 8 a.m., and so wasn't going to make a 9 a.m. meeting that we both had. It was interesting. We decided to drive seperately, and so I went into Boulder around 8 a.m., well after he'd left home. I went to Whole Foods and bought half a dozen scones, a few pieces of coffeecake and then went to work. Goodies for the long, long meetings this morning.

We had the one, then another that pretty much lasted until lunch time. Everyone liked that I'd brought food and while I'd been mildly worried that folks wouldn't like what I'd brought, I shouldn't have worried. They were all scarfed up pretty quickly, all but for a big chunk of blueberry coffee cake that happened to end up unsidedown. I packed it in my bag to take home and eat tomorrow.

For lunch, John and I went to Good Times, and the day was just gorgeous, sunny, hot. Really hot in the Passat. We ordered our stuff at the walk-up window and then ate under plastic umbrellas in the sunshine. Yum. I got a lemonade and a crispy chicken sandwich that was so spice it was hot. The lemonade was marvelous, real lemon juice, not a lot of sugar, so it was refreshingly tart instead of sticky sweet. Plenty of ice and the lemonade was marvelous against the heat. I really, really enjoyed that. The chicken patty in the sandwich was crunchy on the outside, juicy on the inside, and the sandwich maker had put the exact right amount of creamy mayonaise to balance the spicy heat of the coating. Fresh tomato and lettuce really topped it off well. Yum.

I spent all of the afternoon on action items. Around 4 they were passing beers around, and around 4:30, I started working on this. It's not even nearly done, yet. But it's a first cut.

Sounds like we're planning on a get together with other folks here at work for dinner and after dinner. I have a headache and I hurt; but it should be fun.

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