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May 27, 1999
a year ago

Ginger Beer

Yay! I put the bottle in the freezer for fifteen minutes, and when I pulled it out, there was a cloud of yeast on the bottom of the bottle. Hoorah! When I opened it and poured it it fizzed really, really well, and when I drank it it kept fizzing for a few more minutes and then stopped. But the pop itself tasted good, and there wasn't the yeast taste at all. Hoorah! I really was glad that it worked.

It tastes good. I'm glad.

Work was pretty frantic today. Lots of things to finallize stuff. It's kinda scary and kinda cool that we've pretty much planned every single week for the next many months. Aiiya. Though it does include time for vacation, time for being sick, time for overhead, time for off-days and such, but there's so much work that is planned that it's pretty amazing, all in all. Just how much stuff is going to have to get done is mildly daunting.

Still, it's kinda cool to know that, all together, we're being pretty realistic about what can and can't get done. So that feels good.

John finished the second Bandicoot game today. That was really, really cool. He'd finished the third one, and is gradually going back to finish the earlier ones. Anyway, he managed to get *all* the gems and got the spectacular ending as well as the normal ending. That was really pretty to watch.

Bath time afterwards, hoorah! It's been a while and with all the things that have been happening at work, stress and tension really made my shoulders pretty rock-hard. So I took a nice, long, hot bath with the go-to-sleep salts. Yum. Nice to just soak and relax and I tried the jets, but, as usual, they seemed more in the way than really useful.

Sleep was easy after that. I dreamed, though, about a requirement where Jim and I had to build a kitchen downstairs in order to fulfil the requirement.

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