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May 26, 1999
a year ago


So, it was mostly another day of pretty intense meetings. It now looks like it's going to be going through to Friday. Though that is the real deadline for things, so I guess that makes much sense.

We didn't get out until late, and then just went to Whole Foods because we were out of eggs and milk, and I could tell that I was hungry because I bought way more stuff than I probably should have. We also got dinner, which was a ribeye steak and a bag of 'Spud Puppies' which are basically tater tots with spices. They turned out to be more spicy than I really liked, but John loved 'em, as did Fezzik. Hee. Yeah, I fed Fezzik the last half dozen of mine because they were making me cry. The steak was very, very tender and juicy and well marbled; but I have to admit that I like the texture and flavor of the leaner cuts.

That was a good dinner.

I broke out the partially filled bottle of ginger beer, and it was very, very encouraging when it went *fffffft* when I opened it. There was lots of fizz to begin with, and when I poured it into a glass, I took a sniff and immediately sneezed. Ha! That was fun. But it got flat pretty quickly, which meant that it wasn't ready yet. It was also pretty yeasty for me, but then I hadn't shocked the yeast out of solution. I'll have to try that tomorrow. It'll probably be two more days bofore they're really drinkable.

Afterwards, I sat down and played more Parasite Eve and got killed again, but had a revive that worked again. The fight really taught me that I have to use stuff during a fight, try and heal and stuff; which wasn't a bad lesson to learn, but it was kinda painful to have it be something like dying to learn. Luckily, I got another revive fairly soon after.

I've finally figured out that Parasite Eve is a lot like a movie that you get to go through scenes as the main actor. That it's not really a video game in the classical sense, i.e. the only real motivation is to just kill everything. Here there's a reason to shoot at the things that you shoot at and some of it is kinda cool. I like that a lot. I also have fun learning all the characters. The movie bits are really, really pretty.

A bunch of moths came down the chimney, so I turned on the fire. Fewer moths actually came in today. Also got to talk with Mom and Dad on the phone. It's kinda odd now that they're reading regularly, as they're coming up with solutions for problems that they didn't know about before, but it's kinda cool to know that they're really up to date, too. It was fun, though to talk about the things that I'm doing now, too.

Sleep was quick, but I dreamed, all night, about the changing of the manifests. Re-writing them and finding that it changed reality as we edited. That was kinda cool.

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