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May 29, 1999
a year ago

Boulder Creek Fair

Since buying some organic eggs, I'd been wanting to make poached eggs for a while, as Pepin had showed some cool techniques for poaching. So in the morning I poached us two eggs, fried some Canadian bacon and put them on English muffin halves. Yummy.

Boulder was having a fair along it's streets, the Boulder Creek Fair that had started as a creek-cleaning weekend and had blown so out of proportion that they now do the cleaning of the creek the week before, rather than during, and now there's just tons of booths, people, and a big old rubber duck race on Monday of Memorial Day weekend. We decided that we'd go with Fezzik and so we shoved Fezzik into the back of Borax and took off for Boulder.

On the way, I picked up a single parsley plant because I don't really use all that much parsley but it's best fresh; and we dropped by the shades store because, with Kathy coming in a few weeks, it would be good to have shades in the guest room. Part of the guest rooms face east, so the morning sun can be pretty intense without shades. We'd picked up the skylight shades at Eagle, but still needed shades for the normal windows, with all the measurement information that we had gathered, ordering the shades was a matter of moments.

We weren't able to park very close to the Fair grounds, it was about a four block walk to get there. The skies were dark with thunderheads, but even as it threatened to rain, it didn't. We wandered about, finding things to eat, finding booths to visit and things to gawk. There were dozens of booths with fresh herbs in pots, two or three booths that just sold organic spinach and a whole area that was just for kids. Dozens and dozens of booths of kid clothes, kid crafts, face painting, games and a huge train made up of a bunch of 40 gallon drums with seats built into them being dragged around by a man on an engine. There were International areas that made me giggle, and an entire outdoor area that had all kinds of outdoor gear, including a place that sold hanging chairs. They're kinda a cross between a hammock and a lawn chair, and were really, really cool. We've seen their like in Seattle, but now we had a real porch, no bugs, and a place to hang them that could watch some really spectacular sunsets. So, eventually, we bought a pair.

There was also a Boulder Fencing club that wasn't so pretentious as to call itself a salle that had folks fencing about in a fenced off area. I got a brochure as I wasn't happy with the slipperiness of the grass. But it was good to know that they existed.

Everyone loved Fezzik. Lots of people stopped to pet him and make a fuss over him and he knew it. The pup really enjoyed that. He enjoyed, even more, the bones from the rack of lamb ribs that I got. The lamb booth was selling racks of ribs for six bucks and it was a dozen juicy, meaty ribs of about five inches in length! That was pretty amazing, and I fed Fezzik all but two of the bones. He really enjoyed them, crunching them down and looking for more. After we bought the chairs he also got to wade about in Boulder Creek, escaping the heat, finally.

On the way back to the car, I bought a pound of local honey, thinking that I might brew more ginger beer or even root beer with the stuff. But when we got home, John started to brew his next batch of beer, so I stayed out of the kitchen. I thought about planting the parsley, but the thunderstorm had started to blow itself in, to I didn't want to do that, yet. So, I finally settled on playing Parasite Eve for a bit. Just a while, since John was so busy in the kitchen.

Well, while I was playing, he went out to mow the lawn, but I was pretty intent, and then Kathy called. So I spent about an hour on the phone with her, talking over the gold Vacumatic and plans for her visit and what we were going to do if she got altitude sickness and all kinds of things. John finished the lawn, showered, and then did his next stage of beer brewing.

Since he was still busy in the kitchen, when Kathy and I hung up, I continued playing Parasite Eve, and went through all but the Boss of the Hospital stage, when John said, "How about I make dinner?"

Oh. Oops. Yeah. He made dinner, an enchilada cassarole that was really, really yummy and was done just as I finished the level. Hooooorah! That was when I noticed that it was about 8:30 pm. Oops. John turned on the T.V. during dinner, and we watched a bit after dinner and then went to sleep.

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