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November 3, 2000
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Meetings and Scariness

I can't believe how many meetings we had today. Friday isn't supposed to be like this, but we had four working meetings and they were all really useful, but by the time the last meeting had finished I was completely brain dead and completely behind on all the things I'd actually wanted to do today. I'm going to have to work at home on Monday just to catch up with everything.

One cool thing is that Jennifer found a Birkenstock sale on the Web and asked me to buy in on it with her. The minimum three pairs was her hurdle and so we went in together and I really needed a closed toed pair of slip ons now that the weather is getting colder. I'm wearing sneakers at work, but they're getting to be more and more of a bother to bend down and put on as time goes by and I imagine it's only going to get worse. Better to be preemptive about it and with no sales tax and a 20% cut, it's nice to get these.

I'm mostly just really exhausted today. This week has just worn me out. Some of it is dealing with Fezzik at night. Some of it is that the baby's been keeping me up more and more at night. Some of it is not being able to sleep in the morning. Some of it is just feeling stretched just too thin. Having all my time already scheduled for some work thing and then having all these other things piled on as well without any realistic give in the schedule is just scary.

Fezzik is gradually scaring me more and more. He is having more incidents of losing his back legs, and while there are times when he's just fine there are also times when he can't even walk on the carpets inside the house. I think it comes and goes depending on how long he's been lying in one place, as his legs are worse if he just lies around for a while. Maybe they go to sleep or something, but sometimes he's really bad. Sometimes he wanders about like he's just fine as well, and it's really hard to know which is when and how. Knowing that he does get better is good that he can go around and do what he likes, some of the time. It kinda makes the times when he can't a little bit worse. With John around the two of us can just pick him up and get him wherever he wants to go, even when he's bad, but a little walking around seems to loosen him up when he is bad and it's nice to see him trundling steadily along after that.

What was also bad today was that he'd refused to eat any of his breakfast this morning, and when evening came we chipped out the old food and washed everything clean, put new food in and he still wouldn't eat. Last night I'd cheated and given him chicken pot pie filling to tempt him into eating his dry food, but today he refused to eat his canned food even. So he's getting either picker or he's gotten enough of this variety of canned food that he no longer wants it anymore. Which might be the same thing, but it's still mildly scary when a dog won't eat.

Sigh. But I still got to sit down with him and pet him all over. Ruffled his ears, massaged his shoulders and he leaned against me happily. Still a very warm, very fluffy, very cute looking dog when he's not stumbling around.

Since I had this combination of way too much to do and a rather unhappy dog, I decided that I'd work at home on Monday and John was a real sweety and brought my machine home for me. It's the whole desktop machine, not a laptop, and it weighs a good deal. He was cool and loaded it into the trunk of the car and was very nice and even brought it up to the office for me when we got home.

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