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November 14, 2000
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Pizza is Good!

Long day at work. Fezzik looked like he was doing fine and the day itself was sunny and much warmer than the last few days, actually in the high 30's and low 40's instead of freezing during the day. So I didn't have any qualms about leaving him at home. We didn't get going home until late, though, because John had the meeting day from Hell today, and the last meeting got to be very, very long and very, very late. It didn't help that one person from the meeting actually called John afterwards and was trying to talk with him while I was sitting in the cubicle waiting to go. There are times when I could just hit someone and say, "Get a clue."


I was hungry enough that we just called the pizza place on the way home, told them that we'd pick up our pizza and when we got there, it was done and ready. So it wasn't much of a delay and we got home with the pizza. Fezzik came in the moment he could smell it, and followed it to the table and then just slid and sat by the table while John went to do something else, and I got his dinner together. Given that there actually wasn't much rice and beef left, I took one of the hot slices of pizza and broke that up for Fezzik into his bowl.

He was drooling well before I was done, and he dove into his food with gusto when I set it down. Happy dog. Pizza is good food. I don't seem to be quite as bothered by the salt as I was earlier, and it was just so good to have food quickly. Especially since I was pretty tired.

We watched TV. I liked the celebrity "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" mostly because of the inventive cheating up to the $32,000 level. We watched Dark Angel as well and I enjoyed that a good deal. I have tapes of all the previous episodes and I probably should watch them sometime. Fezzik napped inside, and I eventually made myself a mug of hot chocolate. First, I put two cups of milk in the microwave and nuked it for four minutes. I used the William and Sonoma cocoa from Peridotti's and put a teaspoon of it in my mug along with two level teaspoons of sugar, a spot of vanilla extract and another drop of pure almond extract. John wanted anise in his, so I substituted the anise for the almond, and then poured an ounce of boiling water in each and stirred like crazy to make a smooth syrup. By then the milk was hot, and I stirred it into the syrups. Perfect hot chocolate, with hints of other flavors, rich with cocoa butter and real cocoa solids and lots of good milk.

I don't understand why people buy instant hot chocolate, sometimes. I don't think I could buy the stuff in good conscience when I have Valhrona, Van Houten, and the Peridotti cocoas in abundance. Maybe if there wasn't milk in the house or something. The hot milk made it easy to go to sleep, and the house wasn't all that cold when I got up in the middle of the night, so I had absolutely no qualms about Fezzik being outside. In fact, the times when I did hear him, he was moving surely up and down the stairs.

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