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November 26, 2000
two years ago
three years ago

Clean Dog and Chinese Food

The last day of a holiday is so sad.

John tried to make it much better by making eggs, hash browns and the last of the sage sausage for breakfast. It was very good and Fezzik was up and about and wandering around happily, and sat next to my chair at the table, so got bits of egg and sausage, which he loved. He was doing so well, he was getting up and down stairs no problem, appearing at the front or the back door on whims, and basically seemed to be coping really well.

He was also pretty stinky, as with all the last few weeks of simply dealing with his disease we hadn't felt very good about putting him through the wringer of the dog wash. But we both knew he'd probably feel better clean and clean fur would probably insulate him a lot better against the cold. It would be work, but he seemed to be up to it.

Didn't realize just how weak his back legs were until we got there. He didn't even make it across the parking lot before he had to sit down on his weak back legs. So I just patiently waited with him, standing next to him to make sure that no cars would run him over. No one is going to run over a pregnant lady, and if they tried, I'd do fuckloads of damage to their car before it ever reached Fezzik. Yeah, I know. I'm that way. John blinked on seeing me standing there as he'd just walked straight over, and came back out to lift Fezzik's rear end for him and kinda wheelbarreled Fezzik over to the tub we were assigned. The moment John let go, Fezzik lay down to watch us.

The two of us lifted him into the tub and from then on it was a bit of a struggle. To actually get at the parts of Fezzik that needed the most washing, one of us had to support and hang onto his back end while the other washed and while Fezzik tried to help us, eventually his whole rear half was just dead weight. He eventually got so tired that he lay down his front half, too, as he'd been trying to balance a bunch of his weight onto his front leg and they were getting tired, too. Shampoo and rinse, then cream rinse and another warm rinse. By the time we got to the blow drier we had him on his side on the tiles and did each side with much mopping of the counter between. It was pretty tiring for all of us.

Fezzik flopped in front of the cash register when we were paying and the lady gave him his two bone biscuits for free. It took three legs to get back to Borax and John and I slung him into the back where he just lay for a while. Just long enough for us to get to the Diary Queen there and John gave him his cone out the back of the truck, while I stayed in it and ate my small sundae. Fezzik seemed to really like the biscuits and the ice cream, so that perked him up considerably after the long struggle.

On the way home we stopped at Target. I got to buy myself a frying pan! Yay! Two of the pans I have are old aluminum pans that the linings are starting to go on, and another pan was an old design that has raised little nubs that was supposed to make food release more easily but mostly the grooves only served to catch and keep old food and be impossible to clean. So we're giving all that away to someone that wanted household goods. But in giving away two of my large frying pans, I really wanted another one. So I got a Calphalon Everyday pan with the thicker, more durable coating on it and a large, glass lid. I was pretty happy with that, and John managed to find what he was looking for, too, one of the halogen bulbs had burned out on our livingroom lamp and the end that burned off was the one with the wattage on it, so we had to guess at the wattage. Decided that the lower wattage was likely safer than getting a too high one.

Home again, home again... and we ate turkey leftover lunches that were wonderful. Heated different things differently, of course. John reheated the rolls in the toaster oven while I whisked more chicken broth into the leftover gravy in my stainless steel pan. John didn't want his turkey nuked at all, and I only did mine for a few tens of seconds, for some reason the microwave seems to make turkey rubbery. The stuffing got a dousing of stock and was microwaved for a while with the potatoes, both of those things seem to do just fine in the steaming environment, and came out good and hot and ready for gravy. The green beans did just fine in the microwave as well, just for a completely different length of time given the cream based sauce. So we pretty much had a full plate dinner for lunch.

It was marvelous.

Fezzik was alert and mobile enough to get closer and closer to my chair until he actually got several pieces of turkey and a bit of stuffing. Happy dog.

After lunch I finally dealt with the Bernard C. chocolates. I'd bought a whole box of my favorites and knew that I wasn't going to get around to eating them any time soon, what with the cherries and all the other things we'd been making. So instead of just letting them sit around and get stale, I wrapped them up in groups of six pieces, first wrapping them in plastic so that they were air tight, and then in foil and then putting the little foil packets into a double-lined Ziploc bag that was labeled and went neatly into the freezer. So long as I'm careful to let the thawing happen in the wrappings (so that water doesn't condense on the sides of the thawing chocolates) and have them come completely to room temperature before unwrapping them, they should be just fine when I pull them out a few weeks or even a few months later. I ended up with two pieces extra and John got the orange peel covered in bittersweet chocolate and I got a hazelnut chocolate. Yum.

It's also useful having them be in small packets and require the long thawing time, 'cause it really means that I can't gobble up the whole half pound in one sitting unless I eat them rock hard, which I won't. Interesting to find myself using specific mechanisms so that I will eat properly or at least can't indulge too badly at any one sitting.

I knew that the Hamiltons were going to take us to Chinese dinner tonight, and I really didn't want Fezzik to go outside with wet fur. While the blow dryer at Mutt Puddles had gotten a lot of the water off, he was still pretty damp. So I actually sat down with a blow dryer and his brush and started blow drying all his fur. He actually didn't seem to mind it at all, and when I scritched him as well as brushed him he started making the grunty purring sounds he makes when he really likes being petted a certain way. I moved all his limbs around to get all over, and he took it all placidly, perhaps really just enjoying all the attention, too.

The Seahawks and Broncos game was on and I watched it as I dried him off. The Broncos, this year, seem to just be playing only at whatever level their opponents are playing. It certainly makes for exciting games and I was cheering for the Seahawks the entire way, in part because they were the underdog, and in part 'cause I still hate the Broncos. <grin> It was pretty funny and a really, really close game. So close that when the Hamiltons came to pick us up, we asked them to get the game on the radio to find out what was happening. That was interesting to do.

So Mei and Bob and Andrew had been to this place a few times, and it was in South Denver and was purportedly pretty good. It was small, not too busy, yet as we were early, and they had some specials and a version of the pork blood and intestine dish that we decided to try. The mantra of the evening seemed to be 'don't compare this to Yeh's Wok' we really needed to see if we could enjoy it on its own terms and it was fairly enjoyable. Still, Mei couldn't help but be mildly disappointed at the fact that it wasn't up to what we'd loved before. It was good, but not great, and given how long we'd had to go to get there, it was mildly sad.

On the way back, John asked if we wanted to do an adventure as none of the Hamiltons had seen much, if any, of downtown or the surrounding areas. They'd heard of Cherry Creek and the mall, but had never seen it. So we went out in the general direction. John got a little lost, but we figured the way out and finally ended up at the mall. We all got out for a walk through the mall as a walk would be good for us after the meal and we'd been in the car for an awfully long time. Most of the shops were closed, but we could do a lot of window shopping. The guys cleaning up the custom made teddy bear place were eager to tell us what they did and it turns out that one of Bob's sisters is an avid teddy bear collector. They'll have to take her there sometime.

It was really fun just walking through the nearly empty mall. Just looking at things without any possibility of buying anything. Window shopping supreme and in the warmth of the mall instead of out in the cold air. That's the kind of shopping I really like. I also racked up a huge number of steps on the pikachu, which was very nice for my general sense of well-being, especially after all the hand troubles earlier in the week. My hands felt pretty good today. There is also some really nice furniture in the mall, so when I went to use the mall bathrooms, they all piled onto the furniture and sat around and talked happily while I was gone. Very useful.

It wasn't even 9 when we got home. Fezzik greeted us at the kitchen porch and got petted by everyone. He ate happily and got lots of pets and hugs before he demanded to go outside again. So he got to go outside and John and I decided that that was as good a sign as any that we should go to sleep.

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