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November 27, 2000
two years ago

Dumplings and Fruit(REAL Fruit!)cake

Quite the Monday. Fezzik has settled on a morning routine, where he comes in, eats breakfast, eats a bit of my breakfast, and then happily goes back out the front door to eat biscuits that we scatter about. First getting into work all woozy, where I dumped the last of the tiramisu and a tray of other goodies in the break room. It was just better for those things to not be in the house. I then had a 10 o' clock fish check, which was rapid, pretty much normal, and simple. Back to work and then John disappeared into meetings and never came out. Normally we have lunch together on Mondays, and he just never appeared. So at a bit past 1, because I was starting to feel sick, I decided I had to go out. Wandered out without any idea where I was going to go and actually went back to my desk to look up the location of The Chinese Dumpling House in the yellow pages.

I'd heard of the restaurant from the Mason, when he'd eaten with John and I at the Asian market and had been thinking about going there ever since. So I found out the address, looked it up on Yahoo maps, and then drove there. It was a nice, new looking little shop, with the menu on white boards above a counter. Since it was after one, it was nigh on empty, though two other women came in and were told that while they didn't take credit cards, they could just come back and pay them later. That was nice.

The boards had three kinds of dumplings, a soup dumpling, two kinds of soup, four salads, and two big bowls of noodles in soup. Drinks could be ordered by what you could see. The dumplings were the raised, steamed round bow, small ones. I had been wondering if they were the pot sticker/foot type, steamed and fried, but they were the yeast ones. Traditional version is always pork, and they had that, a veggie version, and a chicken version. So I ordered the pork with the cucumber salad. The cucumber salad was what I expected it to be, crisp cucumber slices in a spicy sweet pickling brine. More Japanese, perhaps, than Chinese, but still refreshingly tart. The dumplings were tender, very hot and tasty. They came with a dipping sauce hot enough to clear my sinuses, so I resorted to just plain soy as the spiciness was causing the Fish to kick.

It was an excellent lunch. I just sat at the bar and ate it while it was hot. The lady, who was probably his wife, had fun talking with me for a little bit about being pregnant and about if it was a boy. She also was amused when I said that I could understand Mandarin but could only speak a very little bit. The proprietor asked me if I was from the North or South and was satisfied when I said that I was a mix of both, where my parents had met in the U.S.. He didn't charge me for my lunch, in the confusion with the other ladies, so when I was done, I told him I should pay him and I did.

The food helped tremendously. It helped how I felt, my mood, everything, and I actually did a few things in the afternoon, to prepare for my design review tomorrow. Poor John, he'd missed me by half an hour! Turns out that his meeting had eaten him and not spit him out until 1:30 and then he was wondering if I'd already gone or was waiting for him and he couldn't find me. Bill, I think, had seen me go, but it was easier on John to know that I wasn't waiting for him anymore. He went off to find a sandwich as he had a 2 p.m. meeting, too. Poor John.

I also upgraded my Eskimo account to be a dial-up account as well. Simple TCP/IP, and we got a full set of instructions in my mail, so when we got home, John tried it. There was one set of instructions they left out, completely, and when John was told about the one more thing he had to do, it worked like a champ.

Not that I could do much with it. My hands are a mess. I really, really, really need to get a bandage to just keep the darned ice on my arm instead of having to hold it there or tie it there or something else equally stupid.

We did, however, buy some fruitcake, real fruit fruitcake. NO Candied Fruit! fruitcake from Slice O' Life Bakery. Alton Brown is doing his Free Range Fruitcake on Food Network again, and I always love that recipe, but it's so much work and you have to wait two weeks for it to age properly and these guys seem to do it right, too. Real fruit, real nuts, and actually tasty cake for it all to go into and the correct aging processes with real rum. None of this hard as a brick shit with unnaturally green and red unidentifiable objects throughout, but real dried fruit reconstituted the old ways in real spice cake. Dried fruit is good for you, right? And toasting the stuff gets rid of any last alcohol fumes and it's very nice toasted with a smear of cream cheese.

Found the place in the Denver newspaper and I had to try my new link to get to it. I'll probably tell you when we actually get the cakes if they're as good as I'm hoping they'll be.

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