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November 2, 2001
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Peaceful Day

8:20 pm: I did a lot with Jet today, mostly to allow John to do some catching up and with all the extra hours of the week I could just take the time to do whatever Jet felt like doing, everything from allowing him the run of the ground floor of the house to feeding him solids and nursing and playing with all kinds of stuff.

Breakfast was donuts that Jet and John bought from the Conoco while I slept my extra hour. Jet put the world back into it's proper place and got up twice last night, so I felt like he really was himself again. John brought Jet over to Joan's and I got time to have a shower and eat my breakfast donuts with a pear to start. The Harry and David pears are now getting ripe. They're stored in cold storage until they're sold, and the instruction say to put them out in room temperature, and today they finally have started giving off that honey scent of really ripe pears. I had tried one two days ago, and it was very disappointing, especially compared to the one I had today.

Today's pear was smooth and creamy in texture with plenty of juice dripping everywhere. I was very glad I waited for this one, and the rest of the box.

John only stopped long enough to bring a baked frozen pizza up to the office at lunch time, and Jet and I managed just fine. I ate my pizza and then fed Jet chicken, corn and squash and lentils and rice. He enjoyed his lunch happily and then I found the frozen grapes in the freezer. I'd washed and cut a bunch of grapes in half to freeze and feed Jet in his safe feeder. I took one out and held it out for Jet to taste, but he not only tasted it, he sucked it right into his mouth and I could see his jaws moving as he chewed on the icy treat.

Jet really loved it. I was a little scared he'd try to swallow it all at once, but instead he just gummed it and gummed it and gummed it until it just disappeared. John had fed him big wads of rice, last night, and when it was too much rice at once, Jet had spit it all out, pawing the extra grains out of his mouth, instead of trying to eat them at all. So Jet knows to spit out things that are too big for him, which is good to know.

So he likes frozen grapes a lot. He'll probably be getting more of them as his teeth come out more. I'll probably be putting them in the feeder, though, just so I don't have anything I have to worry about.

Jet did sleep for a while, but later in the afternoon he wouldn't sleep anymore, so I eventually brought him up to the office, hoping that he'd play a bit up there and I could do a little more, at least. He did play for a bit, but then started crawling up the fencing and grabbing it and shaking it trying to get to me and to John. So I picked him up for a while, and he quieted, but when I put him back down he'd cry again. So he's now figured out that the fence keeps him from us. He was good if I went over to sit with him for a while, and then could play for a while himself.

It also helped that I fed him when he was hungry, changed him when he was wet, and let him nap a bit in my lap. I actually got a good bit done, and John wasn't that badly interrupted, either. At 5 I tucked a frozen Safeway Select pot roast into the oven, mixed up some Trader Joe's cornbread. John said he'd put the bread in before he would go downstairs to ride the exercise bike. So I took Jet back up with me to work a bit more while John exercised.

John forgot. Oops. So he put the bread in after he got back upstairs, and it gave him time to shower and get salad ready as well, and then we had pot roast and corn bread for dinner. John then had fun taking care of Jet for the evening, as a break from his work stuff. He also called Alexis next door and arraigned for her to baby sit Jet for several hours in the afternoon so we could go out and see a movie.

Yay! A Movie!!

The evening's been pretty good. We watched Dark Angel, bits of Iron Chef from the first season, and a new episode of Samurai Jack! Jet kept trying to crawl into my lap. But John did a good job of entertaining him while I wrote.

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