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November 1, 2001
a year ago


7:49 pm: Today was a much, much better day than yesterday. Lots of stuff got resolved, and I pretty much blew off work when I didn't have the time to just sit and actually do stuff.

John had to make up for all the time and attention he'd given Jet while I was working my tail off, so I took over Jet duties on the most part for a lot of the day.

I'd actually kind of volunteered to do most of the night care last night as well, thinking that it could be as rough as the night before. Still, I'd hit most of my deadlines, so I thought it would just be fair. Then Jet did the totally unexpected. He slept all night.

For the first time since he's been born, Jet actually slept through the night without waking up enough to actually need our help. I am pretty amazed. He did wake up a few times during the night to sneeze, cough, make a few sounds, but then he went right back to sleep. So we slept. I woke up nearly hurting with milk, again, but lasted until Jet got up at 7 am, and we got a good nursing in then.

John left at 8:30 for work, and I took care of Jet, and took him over to Joan's. I got back and the phone was ringing from the Macri Family Dentists, and they said that I could come in at 11. So I called Joan to tell her that I'd be picking Jet up a little early and if she could feed him formula before I did that, then he'd last until the end of my appointment. I got back to my desk, settled in to work and the phone rang. It was Joan saying that she could keep Jet until noon if that would help me out!


That was good. I got some things done, relaxed a lot while I was just going through a lot of things I didn't have to do quite yet. Then I got to go do the dentist. This time it was Mrs. Macri instead of Mr. Macri and she did a very thorough job of cleaning up even the slightest high spot on the new fillings. The first one gave me so much relief I was pretty much convinced that all the pain and sorrow really was just the misadjustment. That was very good to know in the concrete.

She studied my bite guard and said I certainly was a voracious grinder. The guard is cracked in three places and has grooves worn into the bottom side of it for most of my lower teeth. She said, "You're quite the biter." I had to agree.

She adjusted the guard as well, and made sure to take plenty out of the side where I felt pressure. Since everything wasn't numb any more, I could really feel what it felt like in my mouth. that helped a lot in making sure that it would e okay. She was patient and persistent about asking me if it really felt okay or not, and fixed things even when I was uncertain. So that was a far better experience for me, and I think that I may, next time, ask for Ann to do my filling rather than her husband. Her attention to detail really helped me a lot.

They're also going to have an orthodontist using their office on Wednesdays, as, as I had surmised currently, they didn't work on Wednesdays. The orthodontist they're asking to come that one day is the orthodontist of their assistant and she got a tooth guard from him that fit her really well, so I have some hope that when this one actually really does break down I'll be able to get one that really fits again.

So the whole dental thing is looking a whole lot better today. The really deep filling was the one that didn't bother me at all. I think that there are actually some nerves in some teeth that are just ringing from the work that was done. They're just aching in sympathy, and they'll calm down with a little time.

So that all got done in forty minutes, and I then went over to Joan's and got there just as she pulled into her driveway with Alex and Haley and jet in the car. They'd gone to pick Alex up from pre-school and had just gotten back, so it was perfect timing. Joan said that she'd taken Jet in with her while they were getting Alex. Haley can walk now, so goes under her own power. Joan had put Jet down on the floor in the pre-school and he'd crawled towards the teacher who cheerfully encouraged him. Jet had stopped and then given her his Look. Head tilted, looking up from under his long lashes, and with his wry grin, and he got the totally melted reaction from her he gets from lots of ladies, now.

A real heart breaker, she called him. He may well be, as cute as everyone thinks he is. I can often see bits of his dad in him when he does that. A real heart breaker.

After I picked him up we settled in for a good nursing and then he played and sat for a while in his high chair while I had my lunch of various types of casserole. Both tuna and artichoke heart casserole were still leftovers, so I ate some of each, quite happy to find that my teeth felt much better afterwards than they had after breakfast. Yay!

I didn't even try to work. Jet and I then played all over the livingroom and kitchen. He liked playing with the garbage can, the spinning wheel, the rocking chair, all the real things rather than with his toys. He liked head butting the exercise ball, grabbing for the camera bag, and all kinds of stuff he just naturally gets into. Then, at quarter 'til 2, I nursed him again and he fell asleep. I tucked him into his infant seat, and then went and got his diaper bag ready, put the stroller into the car, and basically got ready to go into Boulder for my optometrist's appointment.

When it came time to go, I gently picked Jet up and settled him into his car seat in the car, and then buckled him in and tucked a blanket around him and he went right back to sleep as I pulled out for Boulder.

He slept for a full hour, all together, and when we arrived in a parking spot, there was still thirty minutes on it. I found a few nickels, put them into to make forty-five minutes and when I got back to the car Jet was wide awake and looking around. So I took him and pulled the stroller out of the trunk, put him into the trunk and changed him there before tucking him into the stroller and making for enVision Boulder, my optometrist.

Jet cheerfully charmed all the front desk help. We had to wait a little while as Dr. Graham finished with he previous client and then we went into the examination room. I'd given Jet a click pen to play with. It's actually broken in a good way for a baby toy, the pen point won't stay out unless you hold the clip into the body at the same time the top is clicked. So it's relatively complex to get the point to stay out. So it pretty much always stays in the barrel, which is a very good thing for a pen that a baby is sucking on and playing with.

Dr. Graham noted what he was playing with and was mildly concerned about it, but when I showed her how it didn't work she was fine with it. She has pictures of a little boy on her desk, which is her son.. So she was fine with Jet being there. The examination went just fine, and she noted how quiet Jet was. He was pretty happy playing with his toy, and quite patient with waiting for me to get done with what I had to do. He was dry, recently fed, and had just had a nap, so there wasn't really any reason for him to be unhappy, and his personality is such that he was just fine with being in the stroller.

I was talking with a friend about basic personality stuff in kids, and there are elements in Jet's personality that nothing we've done could ever have caused them to exist. Jet's basically a really happy guy. So long as he's comfortable, he's cheerful, quiet, and willing to explore things quietly. That was true pretty much the day he was born. That he's secure enough, still, to keep those aspects of his personality is something we've done, but it was all there to start. I can't take the credit for that.

So we did the examination, and it's all pretty okay. I then went out to buy a year's worth of the contacts, and while I was working through the paperwork, Jet got mildly discontent with looking at just the front of the desk. So I pulled him out of the stroller and handed him over to the front desk ladies that were so infatuated with him. She was thrilled. to be able to hold him and show him off to all the other ladies in the office, and Jet obliged them by actually smiling at them, especially at a hug he was given. He wasn't afraid of them at all, and was definitely basking in the attention while I was busy and right there.

I was really happy with that. So the lenses are all on order, they'll arrive sometime during the week, and the pair I have on right now are pretty cruddy. I'm going to probably wear my old lenses until I run out of those. I like these a lot better for the clearer vision, but I'm not going to wear cruddy lenses any longer than I have to.

So that done, we headed to work. I got multiple copies of the receipt for a rebate and for my pre-tax medical account. It's going to clear that out, thank goodness, and that'll be that. John and I decided to go for sushi in Longmont and headed up there. Jet was protesting every mile of the way because he was hungry. We opened his bottle of food and John was spooning it into him even before we ordered. Mmmm... sushi. Jet got a plate full of sushi rice, too, and he grabbed a whole handful of it and spread it everywhere before eating the grains, one at a time, off his sleeves, his shirt front, and his lap.

Home again, home again, and John worked for a good long time while I played with Jet. Now John's playing with Jet while I write. John was tossing Jet onto the couch and Jet, with that perfect faith and trust that only the youngest can have, rolled right off the couch after every toss into John's arms. Jet rolled head first, sideways, and once just threw himself over the edge into John's hands. They're both loving it. Jet's laughing like crazy, and John's giggling with every catch. I'm glad that it looks like Jet'll have a good basis for being physically adept. There are a lot of games that John plays with Jet that I wouldn't even try and it really does seem to be stuff that is all physical and stuff that will help Jet be more physically confident. That's pretty cool.

We'll see if I still think that's pretty cool if Jet decides to leap head first out of airplanes or off bridges.

I'm still taking Midol for my teeth, just to help keep the inflammation down, and I know it's safe for Jet while I'm nursing him, so that's good. It's good to have a painkiller that is safe for Jet and I for these little things. Good to be able to be a bit more comfortable with taking something once in a while. We'll see if it helps Jet and his teeth, too.

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