Liralen's Adventure Through Life
November 2001
  1: Adjustment
  2: Peaceful Day
  3: Unhappy Teeth and K-Pax
  4: Breakfast Out and World Series Game
  5: A Two Doctor Day
  6: Another Cold and Voting
  7: Warm Laundry
  8: Good Flight, City, and Dinner
  9: Carl, Naps, and Tapas
10: Cera, Bernard C., and Mongolian BBQ
11: The Drive North
12: Even Further North
13: A Day of Rest
14: My Own Bed
15: Home Again, Home Again
16: Work Antics
17: Walking In Boulder's Westside
18: Roasting Turkey Day
20: Raging Fever
21: Movies
22: Thanksgiving
23: Missing Filling
24: Outlet Shopping
25: Pictures, Buffalo Burgers, and Groceries
26: Jury Duty
27: Seeing Kathy Off
28: Going In Together
29: John's Birthday
30: Lotion Puddle Delver

A very event packed month. First I had to deal with the aftermath of the filling that I had at the end of last month. Then we had a few more colds from Jet.

While he was sick we went to Portland to meet up with a bunch of friends that we haven't seen for more than a year, and that was really cool. OryCon was mostly a time for sleeping while we could, and then eating with all the people we enjoyed talking with and seeing. I am pretty impressed that we exercised enough self-control to not even to to Powell's! But we did drop by Bernard C., which was quite neat.

We visited John's brother and our niece and nephew for a day, and then pretty much slept for an entire day at John's parents' house while they played with Jet. That was pretty cool, not to mention rainy. It was so nice to experience the Northwest weather again.

My sister came for a very cool visit. She even helped change Jet! And had the fun of feeding him as well, and it was cool that she got to get time alone with Jet for herself. Thanksgiving was fun with all the friends that moved with us here. I was very thankful for all the people we have connections with here.

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