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November 4, 2001
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Breakfast Out and World Series Game

9:37 pm: Today was a very mixed day. Ups and downs, depressions and much laughter and some joys as well.

It started okay. My night guard didn't cause me undue agony last night, though my teeth and jaw did ache a little, it wasn't nearly the agony that I was in yesterday. Jet, however, decided that, like last Sunday, he would be up at 4:30 and he stayed up. I handed him off to John at 5:30, and they went to sleep sometime or another all the way until 7:30. I stayed asleep and in bed until 8:30.

I was very tired from the last two nights of wrestling with my teeth that being able to just sleep in was such a luxury. John, however, got mildly trashed by it all. So when I was up and asked about breakfast, we decided to go to the diner by the freeway, the Coffee Urn. It was pretty crowded to we stood around and waited for a table.

Jet had a great time while waiting. He was flirting with everyone that walked by, and he had two ladies in stitches at one booth. He was having such a good time that in the middle of nothing, he just let out a huge screech of delight, right in John's ear. It started us so much we looked at him and he just laughed and laughed. The people around us laughed as well, which Jet loved as well.

They had a Sunday buffet, which is all you can eat. It had all kinds of breakfast foods, as well as a bunch of taco makings and fruit salad. All you can eat bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, hash browns, French Toast, green chile, and a whole bunch of other stuff. They didn't have medium fried eggs, their house fries, pancakes, or patty sausage in the buffet. So that's what I got. John got the buffet and started feeding Jet bits of biscuit.

John was completely done with his breakfast before my breakfast even arrived. I did give Jet some of my orange juice, watered down this time with some of my water, and Jet enjoyed that a lot. When my breakfast came, I gave Jet some of my pancakes and he ate a lot of that as well. Jet kept twisting in his seat, trying to see everyone that walked by and see what happened to them.

That was pretty funny.

When we got home, John went to sleep while Jet and I took care of ourselves. Jet napped for about twenty minutes while I tried to nap on the couch, but I was mildly worried about my teeth and not having my bite guard while I was napping. But Jet napped short enough that I couldn't get to sleep before he woke up. So we played.

Jet explored a lot. He went and played with the door stops behind the basement door. He dug everything out of the lowest level of his changing table. He went over to his chest of toys and pulled out the things he wanted to play with, and then tried to play with my spinning wheel yet again. So I moved the wheel downstairs. Jet didn't follow me that way, thank goodness.

The two of us went upstairs for a while and I found that if I sat on the floor and played with him for a while he would get into the track of playing for a while and I could work for a bit on my journal. Then he'd come and shake the fencing like a little prisoner and wail at me. So I'd go back over and play with him for a bit, and he'd do well and we'd go through the whole cycle again. Eventually, I had to change him and then feed him and John woke up after a three hours nap looking much more awake.

I thought about napping, and even tried it, but my teeth were aching too badly by this time to really be able to sleep at all. So, instead, I went down into the basement and rode the exercise bike. The inflammation in my teeth got pretty vicious immediately during and after riding, of course, with the additional circulation, and I got fairly depressed about my teeth.

I sat down and talked with John about it and the thing that really ate at my soul was the thought that with all these bad adjustments that the nerves of the neighboring teeth might have gotten so inflamed that they'd have to be root canalled. And, basically, they caused it by not being able to adjust my bite and my night guard correctly. And I'd be damned if I was going to pay them more money to fix problem they caused.

Especially when the guy had said that I had to be careful of the nerves in the deep fillings to start, and he basically caused those nerves to flair up. I don't think it is really mal-practice because they didn't do it by intent as far as I can tell, but I basically can't let them gain by stupidity and lack of attention to detail anyway. I'd been given the name of a dentist in Boulder that really believes in night guards and that teeth grinding is often the cause of loss of bone in the jaw, so he'd know how to adjust a tooth guard. I'd just hoped that I could find someone adequate locally rather than doing the half hour drive into Boulder.

But if there are more problems with my teeth after all this, I think I'm going to go to him. I'm going to write a very level letter to the Macri dentists to tell them why I will not ever visit them again. They do need feedback that what they did was pretty badly wrong, especially if it causes me more problems.

It really helped to talk it all through. I don't feel so angry any more. Also, remembering this other dentist kind of helps in that I might have something figured out before our trip to Portland and Seattle, even if it's just taking Motrin regularly for a week or two to let the nerves settle down. I was hurting so badly even after my shower, that I finally just ate a pear and a single Motrin and half an hour later it kicked in and the relief was palpable.

It was like I had my jaw, teeth and old mouth back. The interesting thing was that my sore legs and arms, from the bike ride, were still store and I could feel them. So the nerve problems in my teeth are probably not that terrible, and just a little bit of anti-inflammatory really helps get it all settled. So that was a very good measurement of just how small it really was. The dosage is also about a tenth what I was taking for my wrist, so I think it's quite safe for Jet.

It really helped my attitude. Constant pain eats at me, my patience, my attitude, and everything is just so much harder with constant pain. Jet helped, even when he was fussy and I could hold him it helped calm me as well as him, so that was very good.

The loss of pain also gave me back my appetite. I boiled Yukon gold potatoes, and when they were done, I nuked leftover roast chicken, heated leftover gravy, nuked broccoli, and nuked leftover cornbread. Dinner half emptied the fridge. It's a good thing since we're leaving Thursday for the Northwest. The gravy was great over the mashed potatoes, and since there was only one thigh and one leg, the potatoes and broccoli made up for the lack of meat pretty nicely. I didn't have any problems with eating, and that was good.

Jet had fun eating mashed potatoes, since I'd made them with low fat chicken broth instead of butter and milk. He then ate lentils and rice as well. I then played with him in the livingroom and going through a large rotation of toys while John worked a lot. He had been doing coding all afternoon, and most of the evening. He finally got things done as the seventh game of the World Series went into the fifth inning.

Wow, what a game. Skip to here if you don't want to see spoilers.

The game was so worth watching. It was as close as the games in New York had been, and Schilling nearly had to eat his words about 'Give me the ball and we'll win." He gave up a run and then in the seventh gave up a solo home run that put New York ahead. Randy took over when that happened and pitched a killer couple of innings, but he couldn't sin the game himself.

The Arizona hitters had to face Riviera, who had won the three games in New York, He's a fierce picture, with an incredible ERA of .7 for 51 appearances, and he'd pretty much owned the Arizona hitters in New York and hadn't appeared in the blow out last night, so he'd actually gotten good rest with the travel day off as well. The commentators were sure he'd just win New York the World Series.

But he didn't. The Arizona hitters all stepped up to the plate and delivered. They had a rally in the ninth, just as the Yankees had done to them three times, and four of the guys all either did hits or some excellent bunting. Womak got a very sweet double, and got them tied up. And then Gonzolas, who'd been doing well all Series, came up and at the time when it had to be done, hit the ball and got a blooper of a base hit, and that was it.

So Randy was the winner, not Schilling, though they did share the co-MVP. Given that Schilling pitched in three of the seven games, he did deserve that. They got the game facing Riviera, and they did it from behind.

Just wow.

Jet also did something pretty awesome during the awesome game. We had a bit of formula leftover from out outing yesterday, as Alexis had fed him part of a bottle. At a bit after seven, Jet was getting grumpy from being hungry, so I thought we should just feed him the leftover formula. John heated it up and then just handed the bottle to Jet!

Jet grinned big and started chewing on the nipple. I tilted it up for him for a while, and he drank when I tilted it but he couldn't' seem to lift it far enough up himself. So John came over, put the Boppie behind Jet, and then laid him back so that his head was supported. Jet chortled as he found that he was holding the bottle so that he could drink from it! Wow. He was so happy, and he chugged the bottle happily while holding onto it.

Jet can feed himself formula! Wow. I still remember when I used to envy the fact that Haley could feed herself formula. Now Jet can! Wow.

It amazes me how much Jet has advanced in the short time we've had him. He has just been out of the womb as long as he was in it. And he's now far, far more self-sufficient than when he was born. It amazes me how much independence he's gotten in just the nine months.

He had fun in his bath and fell fast asleep during the last inning of the game and went up passed out on John's shoulder. We'll see how he does tonight. I hope he does well, I'm going to have to ask around about my teeth tomorrow, and if I have to go visit a dentist it'll be interesting. Plus, he has his nine month checkup tomorrow, so we'll get official size and weight stuff. The good thing is that he may not have to have any shots tomorrow. It'll be good to not have to deal with that for once.

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