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November 25, 2001
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Pictures, Buffalo Burgers, and Groceries

5:42 pm: This morning was spent dealing with a very unhappy Jet. John took from about 5 am 'til 8:30 and I took from then until noon with Kathy helping both of us out at various times. Jet was really unhappy, twisting and crying and not liking a lot of things. After noon and a nap that Kathy got him to go to sleep for by bouncing him, he seemed mildly better. We went upstairs and I nursed Jet again while John did pictures while Kathy and I kibitzed.

Kathy got hungry just as we were finishing week 41, so we decided to go out. Ace hardware had called to say that the Christmas tree was packed and we could pick it up, so we went out to do that. Jet seemed pretty content once we got him into the car. On the way we had 'lunch' at 3 pm at the Firehouse, which had good house root beer, and really excellent buffalo burgers and all the NFL games that were on at the time on various TV's around the place.

Jet had a blast. He was looking at everything, tasting every bit of food we handed him, he even ate an entire jar of apples and sweet potatoes that John fed him after we'd eaten. He hung over the side of his high chair and talked at the people at the table next to us, and he squawked, shouted, and gabbled happily as we ate. It was like we had a completely different baby from the one that was crying all the time this morning. I was very glad he was feeling much better.

When Kathy and I took him to the ladies' bathroom after lunch we found out why he was feeling so much better. He had a huge poopy, and I guess whatever he had in his gut had been making him unhappy. We cleaned him up, changed his outfit, put his jacket back on him and took him back out to the car, and found ourselves in the midst of a snow storm.

Snow was falling everywhere, and it was gradually getting thicker and thicker and as we headed south it got thicker and thicker. Jet fell asleep in on the drive to Blockbuster and Safeway. So I just sat with him while Kathy and John returned Snatch. They came back with Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels and the Harry Potter Playstation game.

Jet opened his eyes when John opened the door, and then closed them again, but we decided to all go into Safeway, and I picked Jet up in his blanket to go to the grocery store. The wind was whipping the snow around and Jet got and I got dusted with a whole lot of snow before we got into the store. He closed his eyes and curled close against my body as we went through the whirling snow. It was gorgeous. Eventhough it was just past five, it was night dark already and the snow showed up really well against it.

We got some diaper rash stuff for Jet as with the gut stuff, he was having some rash as well. We also picked up a few fresh things we needed as well. They also had fresh chestnuts, which Kathy wanted, so we bought them as well.

Home again home again, and Jet was asleep again, so we tucked him into his room, turned on the monitor, roasted the chestnuts in a toaster oven, and went downstairs. Kathy wanted to play a little Crash Team Racing and then we played some of the Harry Potter game as well. I got Jet when he woke up and nursed him while people played. I also got to play the game some as well.

The Harry Potter game was really forced, with lots of the stages locking us out after we'd done them, and very easy in that most of the actions only took the X to do. We are doing just the beginning levels, with some of the training elements that are pretty hard to do, but good to learn, probably for later.

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